Literacy & numeracy tests

The VETASSESS Test has been established to help Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) identify the literacy and numeracy competence of candidates wishing to apply for a course of study. The VETASSESS Test is aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) which is the recognised standard for adult literacy and numeracy in Australia.

  Important notice: Please see Fees and Payment for the new candidate fee effective 1 September 2013.

Book a test

Please refer to the RTOs course information on their website to check if you need to sit the VETASSESS Test.

To sit the VETASSESS Test you must book your test online.

All tests must be booked and paid for at least seven (7) days prior to your test date.

You can only sit the test once in a 3 month period.

To sit a numeracy only test, please contact VETASSESS on 03 9655 4712 to book over the phone (numeracy only tests cannot be booked online).

New Applicant: btn_Ln_Login If you are a returning applicant: btn_Ln_Login

How to book a test

Step by step guide to booking a test


Test results will be posted to you within 14 days of the test date.

Test results will not be emailed or given out over the phone.

Test components

The VETASSESS Test comprises the following test components:

Literacy • 30 minutes (no reading time)
• 40 questions
• A multiple-choice test of reading and writing concepts
Numeracy • 30 minutes (no reading time)
• 40 questions
• A multiple-choice test of concepts around working with numbers
English Writing Skills • 45 minutes (no reading time)
• 3 tasks
• Reading and comprehension test to demonstrate literacy competency

The Literacy and English Writing Skills components are linked and cannot be taken separately. You must take the Literacy and English Writing Skills components together, otherwise VETASSESS will be unable to process your results.

The total test session time, including administration, is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes (no breaks).

Preparing for the test

Learn more about the test content and preparing for the test and view the sample test questions. A Candidate Preparation Booklet is available for purchase through the VETASSESS website for $15. The Candidate Preparation Booklet has detailed information about the test content and what to study to prepare for the test as well as a variety of sample questions that cover the range of questions in the final test.

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