VETASSESS is an ISO9001 quality assured organisation that is committed to the growth and excellence in delivery of its products and services.

VETASSESS understands that feedback from our customers and stakeholders is important to our business.


The team at VETASSESS will gladly receive and respond to all feedback from customers in a professional, timely and respectful manner.  In line with our quality principles, we encourage a culture of continuous improvement and subsequently recognise feedback as vital to the growth of our business.


'Feedback' – includes compliments, suggestions for improvement and any information you feel we could benefit from in our journey to excellence.


All feedback will be handled according to the principles of fairness, accessibility, transparency and responsiveness.

  • Fairness: VETASSESS recognises the need to be fair to any person providing feedback or to any person to whom feedback has been given.  We view all feedback as a chance to improve and strive to correct any potential errors.

  • Accessibility: All VETASSESS customers can provide us with feedback and they also have access to our policy details.

  • Transparency: All feedback is responded to openly, is thoroughly researched and decisions are always evidence-based.

  • Responsiveness: The team at VETASSESS will deal with feedback in a timely and courteous manner and, whenever our authority allows, will aim to respond and resolve within 10 business days. If more time is needed, we will notify our customers and advise them accordingly.

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