How to address skills gaps

Posted on 1/14/2021 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Rob Thomason

January 2021 - The demand for skills is growing exponentially around the world as prosperity increases and the pace of technological change forces new ways of working.

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7 Common Mistakes to avoid in an assessment application

Posted on 11/2/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

November 2020 - Applying for an assessment for migration purposes can feel daunting. It takes time to assemble documents and arrange proof of previous employment. It is, however, better to make the effort before submitting your application rather than decide to take your chances with incomplete documents.

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5 tips for a Priority Processing Application

Posted on 10/7/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Clarence Koh

October 2020 - The VETASSESS Priority Processing Service enables migration agents and applicants to fast-track the assessment of an application. It’s one way to get your application to the front of the queue for a skills assessment.

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Six tips for a university lecturer applying for a Skills Assessment

Posted on 9/2/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Erin Beigy

September 2020 - If you are considering applying for a skills assessment as a university lecturer, it is important to understand the criteria for this occupation.

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Lifelong learning and collaboration and innovation in the Asia-Pacific

Posted on 7/29/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Rob Thomason

July 2020 - Multicultural societies attract talented people who bring many different forms of expertise, yet migrants can find it hard to have their qualifications accepted. Someone’s talents can be missed because prospective employers cannot understand the learning behind their qualification or how their experience could be applied.

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Posted on 7/8/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Prashil Singh

July 2020 - There is high demand for skilled tradespeople in Australia and governments are seeking to encourage young people to learn a trade and to support the industries that will employ them.

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9 tips for a skills assessment for Australian migration purposes

Posted on 5/5/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Natalie Beck and Kimberley McLeish

May 2020 - If you apply to move to Australia as a skilled migrant, you will most likely have to undertake an assessment of your skills.
Understanding the process will save you time and money by ensuring your application is sufficiently prepared and more likely to lead to success.

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Digital badging – the future of credentials

Posted on 4/22/2020 by Charlie Tran Tran in Blog

By Prashil Singh

15 April 2020 - The award ceremony, the granting of a certificate, and now a way to display your credentials online: the digital badge.
Take pride in your parchment certificate – frame it to display – but put your digital badge on your online profile, where potential employers can see it and verify its authenticity with a click.

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Protect your identity: don’t post an assessment letter online

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

It can be tempting to post your skills assessment outcome online, but you should be careful about identity fraud.

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Global talent assessments

Posted on 12/18/2019 by Jan McCallum McCallum in Blog

Supporting a successful global recognition system
By Dr Mamta Chauhan

Academic and professional mobility is a significant driver for shaping the future success of nations. This mobility enables highly-skilled individuals to cross borders – transferring their skills, expertise and knowledge.
There is a growing consensus that nations will miss out on an enormous talent pool if they do not create opportunities to facilitate a fair and strong global system to recognise skills.

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