Protect your identity: don’t post an assessment letter online

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Jan McCallum McCallum in Blog

It can be tempting to post your skills asssessment outcome online, but you should be careful about identity fraud.

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Global talent assessments

Posted on 12/18/2019 by Jan McCallum McCallum in Blog

Supporting a successful global recognition system
By Dr Mamta Chauhan

Academic and professional mobility is a significant driver for shaping the future success of nations. This mobility enables highly-skilled individuals to cross borders – transferring their skills, expertise and knowledge.
There is a growing consensus that nations will miss out on an enormous talent pool if they do not create opportunities to facilitate a fair and strong global system to recognise skills.

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Marketing Specialist? Learn how Australian industry defines your role

Posted on 7/23/2019 by Jan McCallum McCallum in News Blog

Are you a global marketing professional interested in bringing your experience and talents to Australia for better career opportunities? An Australian marketing graduate applying for jobs in the industry? Or an organisation trying to recruit and retain high-quality global marketing talent? VETASSESS has skills assessment products that will help meet your needs.

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