Evidence Requirements

You need to provide evidence that you meet each of the required standards for early childhood teachers.

Your evidence should comprise examples of work from your professional practice and may include (but is not limited to):

  • program planning documents
  • work samples (letters, memos, budgets, etc.)
  • work journals, diaries
  • statements of philosophy or planning
  • photos, videos
  • contributions to professional journals and programs
  • records of contact with support agencies or educational professionals
  • notes on reading programs, professional articles, etc.
  • network meetings, programs and notes, resultant actions
  • minutes of appropriate meetings
  • professional development plans
  • professional presentations to colleagues, parents, community (including promotional material)
  • training results, certificates, diplomas, degrees
  • training session workbooks and notes
  • organisational plans and programs
  • conference or seminar contributions
  • family/teacher conferences, meetings
  • participation in reference or pilot groups
  • membership of professional bodies
  • awards
  • references from colleagues, employers, parent groups, community groups
  • sessional teaching at relevant institutions, accompanying program and notes.

How do I demonstrate that my evidence meets the standard?

You must submit no more than two pieces of evidence for each standard, although you may use a single item of evidence for more than one standard.

You must describe how each piece of evidence meets the requirements of the relevant standard. Your explanation should be thorough, specific, and clearly related to the requirements of the standard.

Please review the Examples of Evidence Descriptions document (43KB PDF) for an understanding of the level of detail you should provide in your descriptions.

For more information about how to gather and describe your evidence, please refer to the Guide for Applicants (170KB PDF).


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