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An Independent Assessment is developed and delivered independently of the training provider that has been teaching and assessing the apprentice or trainee. Currently, Independent Assessments are used in the licensed trades of plumber and electrician but do not apply to apprenticeships and traineeships more broadly. The Independent Assessment aims to provide consistent feedback on training outcomes to all users of the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

When you take an Independent Assessment, it has been developed and is delivered independently of your training provider.

VETASSESS is an independent assessing authority that has been engaged to design, develop and conduct the assessment of the occupations listed.

Industry confidence in the validity, independence and reliability of an assessment is fundamental to ensuring a high-quality vocational education and training system.

Independent Assessment Pilot Programme

The Victorian Government is supporting the quality of apprenticeship and traineeship training by creating opportunities for independent assessments in a range of Victorian apprenticeships and traineeships.


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