Reissues and Re-verification

We can reissue a verification report upon request. If you disagree with your qualification verification results, you can also choose to have your qualification documents re-verified. 


The verification credential report, which is issued by the verification authorities under the Ministry of Education of China, is unalterable. However, you may apply for your qualification documents to be re-verified if you disagree with the result or if you have additional documents that may alter the assessment.

We suggest that you contact us before you apply. The fee for re-verification is the same as the fee for verification. The most recent pricing can be found on the Application Fee page.


Reissue of verification results

You may obtain a duplicate copy of your verification report by completing the CQV6 Reissue Request Form(251KB pdf). If you have applied for verification with VETASSESS before, you will need to contact us, quoting your VETASSESS Verification Reference Number (do not submit documents already submitted, unless specifically requested).

The fee for a reissue is the same fee charged for a copy of your verification results. Refer to the fees page for the most up-to-date pricing.