Application Process

How to apply

Ensure you are eligible and that one of the following applies to you:

  • you are an applicant with a Skills Assessment in progress with us.
  • you have received a Skills Assessment from another Assessing Authority and been referred to us by your skills assessing authority and/or the Department of Home Affairs for Points Test Advice.
  • you have already received a positive Skills Assessment from us for your nominated occupation and now wish to apply for Points Test Advice for additional qualifications and employment.

For applicants applying for a Skills Assessment under points tested skilled migration visas, we will assess your highest qualification up to postgraduate doctoral degree level. VETASSESS will also determine the date that you were deemed skilled in your nominated occupation based on closely related employment held within the last ten years. Closely related employment is paid employment of at least 20 hours per week in an occupation which has the same skill level and draws on a similar skill set and subject matter as the nominated occupation. Usually closely related employment is an occupation which is in the same unit group of ANZSCO as the nominated occupation.

For Points Test Advice, VETASSESS counts employment from the Date Deemed Skilled which is within the last ten years in the nominated occupation or an occupation in the same ANZSCO Unit group. Years needed to meet the Skills Assessment requirements will not be counted (Please read related topic: What is Date Deemed Skilled?)

You must submit high quality colour copies of original documentation of identity, qualification, and employment (when employment is being assessed for points test purposes). Please visit the Required Documents page for more information.

Check the fees page for an up-to-date list of our fee schedule.

Once you have collected all the relevant documents, supporting evidence and any other necessary information proceed to Apply or Track Application.

We will contact you once we have received your application.