Renewing an expired skills assessment

If you have previously received a positive skills assessment but it has expired, you may apply for a renewal with VETASSESS. 

However, please note that it is your responsibility as the applicant to confirm with the Department of Home Affairs as to whether or not a renewed skills assessment outcome is required for the intended visa application.

Pre-2010 Skills Assessment

Applicants with a pre-2010 Skills Assessment (assessment for qualification level only) are required to apply for a new full Skills Assessment under the current process and assessment criteria. To make an application for a Full Skills Assessment, please click on the following link.
Apply or Track your Application

Post-2010 Skills Assessment

If you hold a post-2010 skills assessment, you can apply for a renewal to VETASSESS by completing the SRG35 form (607 KB pdf). Please use the SRG35 form even if you do not wish to assess additional qualifications and/or employment. This completed and signed form should be sent via email to, along with any additional relevant documents to support assessment of qualifications and/or employment you would like to include that were not previously included in your prior assessment.

All documents must be high-quality colour copies of the original documents. If your documents are not in English, you must submit copies of the original documents as well as the English translations made by a registered translation service.

Please note that your renewal application will be reassessed under the current process and criteria and VETASSESS cannot guarantee a successful outcome.

If your renewal application is successful, you will receive a skills assessment outcome letter including:

  • advice on the highest qualification level; and
  • the date you are deemed skilled.


Fee and Payment

Application method Applying from within Australia

(includes GST)

Applying from outside Australia
(excludes GST)
Renewal by SRG35 form AUD$418.00 AUD$380.00

Please complete the payment section on the SRG35 form and send it to At this stage the renewal application cannot be lodged online. You will need to provide evidence for GST exemption if one of your addresses in your application is an Australian address.

Renewal outcome letters

Renewal outcome letters are available for you to download via the online portal once the process is completed. If your outcome is positive, you will receive an updated skills assessment letter with the current date including Date Deemed Skilled and Points Test Advice.



The renewal process normally takes about 4 - 6 working weeks once all required documentation and payment is received.

Unfortunately VETASSESS is unable to renew your skills assessment if the occupation is no longer one we assess. If this is the case, please contact the relevant assessing authority for skills assessment purposes. For information about visa requirements please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.

The renewal assessment outcome will be negative if you are unable to meet the current skills assessment criteria.

VETASSESS no longer accepts doctoral studies supported only by living allowance and/or scholarships. Consistent with current Department of Home Affairs requirements, for skilled employment to be considered "remunerated", applicants must be engaged in the occupation on a paid basis, generally at the award or market rate of the occupation. This requirement applies to all renewal applications. Applicants are advised to provide additional employment experience to meet current assessment criteria in order to renewal their skills assessment.

For renewal applications, please complete the SRG35 form providing identity details and any additional qualification/employment information along with additional supporting documents only. Documentation that has been provided previously does not need to be re-supplied. If you only want your original assessment renewed and would not like to add further qualification/employment, then you may leave the qualification/employment section of the SRG35 form blank.

A refund is not available after a renewal assessment has commenced and can only be paid in limited circumstances. Please find more information about refund process here.

According to migration regulations, skills assessments issued by assessing authorities for the purpose of visa applications are only valid until the expiry date specified on the assessment, or valid for three years from date of issue, whichever occurs first. Therefore, for VETASSESS skills assessments without an expiry date, the three-year validity period from the date of issue applies. It is recommended that applicants seek confirmation from Department of Home Affairs in regard to their requirements for visa applications.