Consultation Service for Applicants

The Skills Assessment Support (SAS) Consultation Service for Applicants provides a 30-minute guided phone discussion about the Skills Assessment process and criteria that apply to your selected professional occupational classification assessed by VETASSESS. A full list of the general professional occupations that we assess can be viewed here.

This service provides guided information to assist individuals to understand the educational and skill level requirements, ANZSCO criteria and the occupational industry environment relevant to the selected occupation.

The SAS consultation service can also provide additional information about how we apply criteria to the Date Deemed Skilled based on your qualifications and employment history.

Please note that information provided via the SAS consultation service does not guarantee an outcome for any subsequent skills assessment application you intend to lodge.

Who can apply?

This consultation service can be used by Applicants only who want to learn more about their selected General Professional Occupation that we assess. It is not for applicants who are using a Migration Agent.

This service is not intended for skills assessment applications that are already submitted and are awaiting an outcome.

If you are a migration agent, click here

What are the steps involved?

Step one Register online providing contact details.
Step two Choose one occupation to be the focus of the consultation from the current list of VETASSESS occupations. A full list of the current general professional occupations that we assess can be viewed here.
Step three Complete an online form listing your academic qualifications and relevant employment history for the last five years relating to the selected occupation. Please note, you cannot submit any documentation for the consultation service.
Step four Select the most suitable consultation time / date from the available options provided.
Step five Pay online to confirm your booking.
Step six Participate in a 30-minute phone consultation with an experienced assessment officer.


The 30 minute consultation will cost AUD $211 excluding GST.

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No. VETASSESS cannot provide information for occupations that are not assessed under our authority for Skills Assessment/migration purposes.

A username and password are generated when you register for a consultation. You are able to log on the SAS online portal in order to view the status of your booking.

You are able to reschedule your consultation time by contacting us at least four business days prior to your original scheduled booking time. In order to request a reschedule of your initial consultation, email us at Whilst we will attempt to accommodate a request to reschedule a booking, rescheduling will be based on availability of alternative booking times and will be confirmed by the Skills Assessment Support Officer allocated to your session.

We will telephone you on the nominated contact phone number provided at the time you book your consultation. An SAS officer will attempt to establish contact up to until the first 10 minutes of your booking time. If you are still unreachable or cannot take the call, we will cancel your phone consultation and you will forfeit the entire booking fee. A written summary will be sent to you by the SAS officer based on the information provided in your SAS application only.

Please note that there is no refund for completed SAS applications. Refunds are available in very limited circumstances.

For VETASSESS refund policy click here.

No. There is no requirement to use either of the Skills Assessment Support services before applying for a formal Skills Assessment. Information is available on our website about the requirements for a Skills Assessment under General Professional Occupations.

For the consultation service, you may select one occupation only.

Please note that the SAS services are for VETASSESS general professional occupations only, and are not available for VETASSESS trades occupations, or other occupations that we do not assess.

You are unable to submit any documentation for the SAS Consultation Service. The SAS Consultation Service aims to provide customers with an overview of how we assess occupations listed under our authority for skills assessment purposes.

To view the VETASSESS Privacy Statement, please visit the following link on our website:

If you would like to provide any feedback or to lodge a complaint about the SAS Consultation Service, please visit the Feedback and Complaints form on our website at the following link: