National Skills Recognition

We can provide you with a nationally recognised qualification based on your experience, knowledge and skills. Often referred to as recognition of prior learning (RPL), we offer a skills assessment service in all states of Australia. An Australian qualification may help you:

  • change careers
  • gain a promotion
  • ensure job security
  • comply with industry standards and licensing requirements*
  • have what you have already done acknowledged.

*If you require a specific licence, please check the requirements with the relevant licensing body before applying to VETASSESS.

The occupations and industries we specialise in are listed below. To begin, select your trade and fill out the appropriate self-assessment form.

Trades (Click on the occupation names to view self-assessment form)
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (135KB pdf) Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (117KB pdf)
Asian Chef (133KB pdf) Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (175KB pdf)
Asian Cook (133KB pdf) Fitter (101KB pdf)
Automotive Electrician (134KB pdf) Hairdresser (81KB pdf)
Baker (91KB pdf) Joiner (130KB pdf)
Baker (Combined) (91KB pdf) Machinist (154KB pdf)
Bricklayer (122KB pdf) Metal Fabricator (146KB pdf)
Cabinet Maker (157KB pdf) Motor Mechanic - Light Vehicle (189KB pdf)
Carpenter and Joiner (96KB pdf) Panelbeater (96KB pdf)
Carpenter (94KB pdf) Pastry Cook (91KB pdf)
Chef (100KB pdf) Sheetmetal Worker (148KB pdf)
Cook (102KB pdf) Vehicle Painter (132KB pdf)
Diesel Mechanic - Heavy Commercial (150KB pdf) Welder (143KB pdf)
Diesel Mechanic - Mobile Plant (188KB pdf)  

Who can apply?

Anyone with a trade background, at least five years industry experience and worked in the trade in the last three years, may apply to have his or her skills recognised nationally. This may include time in training and/or employment either in Australia or overseas.