Reviews, Reassessments, Appeals, Reissues & Complaints

If your Trade Skills Assessment outcome is unsuccessful, there are three options available to you:

If you do not agree with the assessment decision and want your assessment decision reviewed, you can submit a Request for Review (139KB pdf).

If you choose this option, a VETASSESS assessor who did not participate in your original assessment will review the evidence you provided and confirm if the correct assessment outcome was made.

There is a fee for a review. Please note: a Review is available only for Stage 2 (Technical Interview or Practical Assessment) of your assessment.

If you undertake a reassessment, you will only be reassessed on the units where you received a NYC (Not Yet Competent) in your Statement of Results. Before undertaking a reassessment, you are advised to increase your skills and knowledge in these units. You can do this through formal training and/or gaining practical experience.

You must submit a reassessment form within 12 months of receiving an unsuccessful outcome. Reassessment is not available after this 12 month timeframe – after this time period, you must submit a new application and be assessed on all units in the qualification.

If you wish to apply for a reassessment, submit a Request for Reassessment (253KB pdf) along with the Reassessment fee.

If you disagree with your assessment outcome, you are able to appeal the decision.

The Appeal process is as follows:

1. Submit a Request for Appeal (139KB pdf) and pay the relevant fee within 90 days of receiving your assessment outcome.

2. Your appeal will be conducted by a VETASSESS’ Appeal Panel within 30 days of receiving your Request for Appeal.

3. You will be notified of the appeal outcome within 5 days of the Panel’s decision. The Appeal Panel’s decision is final. If your appeal is upheld, you will be refunded the full appeal fee.


To request a reissue of your assessment outcome documents complete, sign and submit a Reissue of Documents form.

Upon receipt of your Reissue of Documents form and payment, we will supply you with a reprint of your assessment documents with the current date and the date the document was originally issued.

Please allow four to six weeks for your request to be processed.


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your Trade Skills Assessment, you can register your complaint online.

Before registering a complaint, please check you understand the Trades assessment complaint handling process (193KB pdf) and what information you should provide to VETASSESS.