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VETASSESS offers quick and easy access to a range of high quality and cost-effective printed resources, including preparation booklets, learning resources and assessment tools.

Victoria Police Entrance Examination Preparation Booklet

This resource is designed for prospective Victoria Police Recruits and Protective Services Officers and covers all aspects of the Victoria Police Entrance Examination process, including:
  • overview of the exam
  • components of the exam
  • how to prepare
  • sample questions
  • tips and techniques.
VETASSESS Reading and Numeracy Resources image

Reading and Numeracy Preparation Guide

This preparation guide is designed to help candidates who need to take a Reading, Numeracy or Writing skills test for course-entry purposes (specifically diploma-level course entry) and includes:
  • tips on how to prepare for your test
  • a list of recommended study resources and reference materials
  • sample questions for Reading, Numeracy and Writing categories.
Download a free sample of this guide.