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Learner websites

  1. Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)
  2. Business Licensing Authority (BLA)
  3. Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV)
    • REIV homepage - general information with key features only available to members
  4. Legislation


To support continuous improvement, we are seeking feedback from teachers, facilitators, program coordinators etc. from RTOs delivering real estate courses. The key areas of feedback we are seeking relate to:

  • Sufficiency of information - Is there too much or too little coverage of certain topics? Do you feel any parts of the unit of competency are not adequately covered?
  • Accuracy and currency of content - Does the content reflect up-to-date legislation and professional practice in Victoria?
  • Organisation of information - Is content set out in a logical order? Is the information set out in a way that allows flexible delivery/usage?
  • Ease of reading - Insert any comments about the layout, font, icons, images etc. Is the language at a suitable level? Is content easy to understand?
  • General content - What additional content would you like to see added to future revisions? Is there any content you feel should be removed? Have you identified any errors or omissions?
  • Other general comments - What works? What doesn't? Please feel free to make any other comments or recommendations we can consider for future revisions.

Learners are also encouraged to share their perspective by informing us about how useful the resources have been to their studies and in preparing them for assessment. Please complete the feedback form provided towards the back of each book. We request learners report any content issues and errors directly to their facilitator/teacher for forwarding onto us, using the facilitator feedback forms below.

Please complete and return feedback forms to:

VETASSESS Real Estate Resources
Level 5, 478 Albert St, East Melbourne, 3002.

Fax: (03) 9655-4888.

Facilitator / teacher / RTO feedback forms

Learner feedback forms

Feedback forms are provided towards the end of every learner guide.