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International Qualifications Assessment Service

Labour markets are increasingly global. As skilled workers cross borders, industries, businesses and governments need to be confident that they understand how the abilities of foreign-trained workers compare with local standards.

Verify qualifications and employment claims

Our international qualifications assessment service can verify qualifications and employment claims for professional, trade and other occupations.

We assess international qualifications against the Australian Qualifications Framework as well as other national frameworks to assist organisations to manage workforce supply chains.

By comparing international qualifications and experience against benchmarks, our service can identify hidden talents and also potential skills gaps that might require extra training for local conditions.

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Chinese Qualifications

Does your business need to validate an academic qualification from the People’s Republic of China? We provide a Chinese qualifications verification service through our partner, the Center for Student Services and Development (CSSD).

The documents that CSSD can verify for VETASSESS include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Certificates of graduation
  • Degree certificates

The CSSD verifies the authenticity of qualification documents obtained from the People s Republic of China issued after 1981.

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We operate assessment centres in India, United Kingdom, China, South Africa and Southeast Asia to assess your practical skills globally, not just in Australia.

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Your skills and experience will be assessed by someone who has worked in your trade and understands your skills and qualifications.

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