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The Skills Assessment Process for Trade Occupations

There are two pathways that will allow you to start your assessment journey with VETASSESS.

The Assessment Process

Select your pathway to a skills assessment

There are two options: PATHWAY 1 or PATHWAY 2. Within each pathway, you’ll also need to determine whether your trade occupation needs a licence to work in Australia. The main difference between the pathways is whether or not you already have recognised Australian qualifications or licences for your trade.


"I don’t have an Australian qualification or occupational licence..."

To apply, you’ll need to give us evidence (documentation) of your employment, skills and knowledge. We’ll review it and if it meets the requirements for assessment, invite you to do a practical assessment and/or technical interview.

If you’re successful in the practical assessment and/or technical interview, you’ll get a Successful Skills Assessment Result Letter.  If you’re unsuccessful, you can apply for a reassessment or review. 

For more information on PATHWAY 1, download this guide. 


"I do have an Australian qualification or occupational licence..."

To apply for pathway 2, you’ll need to give us evidence of your Australian qualifications. We will also need evidence of your work experience. We will review both your qualifications and your evidence and if they meet the requirements, we will  invite you to a technical interview. 

If you’re successful, you’ll receive a successful Skills Assessment Result Letter. If unsuccessful, you can apply for a reassessment or review. 

For more information on PATHWAY 2, download this guide


After your application

Once you have applied, you can track the progress of your application on your online portal. We also post news and updates to our website and on our social media channels. 

Track your

Follow the progress of your application online.

Apply for Review or Reassessment

If your Trade Skills Assessment outcome is unsuccessful, there are options available to you.

Provide Feedback

The team at VETASSESS will gladly receive and respond to all feedback from customers in a professional, timely and respectful manner. 

Read our FAQs

If you have any questions, refer to our FAQs guide, or you can contact our customer support team at any stage.

Explore FAQs

USI stands for Unique Student Identifier. It is your individual education number and gives you an online record of your training and assessment undertaken in Australia.

VETASSESS collects USI details as part of the enrolment process if;

  • You are applying for Pathway 1 Offshore Skills Assessment Program or TSS Skills Assessment Program
  • You are going to undertake your assessment in Australia

The USI records Units of Competency completed against a National Recognised Training qualification or Statement of Attainment.

It is important to note that an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) does not form part of National Recognised Training qualification documentation but rather provides a pathway to obtain a qualification. As such, we will only be able to record your OTSR results against your USI when issuing you a qualification.

Please refer to the Pathway 2 Candidate Guide for a list of accepted Australian qualifications for each occupation assessed by VETASSESS.

You must provide one of the accepted qualifications listed for your nominated occupation at the time of application. If you do not provide an accepted qualification (or if you provide a qualification listed for an occupation different to the occupation you are applying for) at the time of application, you will receive a negative outcome and no refund will apply.

If you are currently licensed or registered to work as an electrician, plumber or refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic in Australia, you may be eligible to apply to be assessed under Pathway 2.

For more information regarding the employment experience requirements for a Pathway 1 application, please refer to the Pathway 1 Employment Experience Guidelines.

Processing time varies depending on the skills assessment program and other factors, such as whether all required documentary evidence has been provided. You can find the approximate processing times in the relevant Applicant Guidelines available for different programs offered by TRA.

All fees for a skills assessment are paid directly to TRA. Check the Guidelines on the TRA website for information on fees and refunds.

Skilled occupations list

Occupations may be removed from either the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) at any time and without notice by the Australian Government. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your proposed occupation is eligible at the date you submit your application to VETASSESS. Should your application be affected by the removal of an occupation from either of these lists please be advised that VETASSESS will continue with the assessment for suitability against your selected occupation.

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