Priority Processing

VETASSESS Priority Processing is available only for applicants who require a Full Skills Assessment for General Professional occupations. Returning applicants with a previous full skills assessment are not eligible to apply for a Priority Processing application under the same occupation which has been previously assessed.

The Priority Processing service provides applicants/agents with the option to fast-track the assessment of their application, for an additional fee. Applications confirmed as eligible for Priority Processing are assessed in 10 business days following which an assessment outcome letter is made available to download within 48 hours.

The 10 Business Days will commence after:

  • VETASSESS has confirmed that the application meets the Eligibility Criteria for Priority Processing; and
  • Fee payment including the appropriate GST (if applicable) is received.

VETASSESS requires up to 2 business days upon receipt of an application to review for suitability. A status update will be communicated to the applicant via email once this process is complete.

Applications that are confirmed as eligible will be assessed within 10 business days. For applications that do not meet the Eligibility Criteria, or eligible applications that cannot be assessed within the nominated timeframe, the Priority Processing fee will be refunded.

How to apply

To be considered for Priority Processing applicants will need to meet the Eligibility Criteria

Applications for Priority Processing must be lodged online and cost $623 (ex GST). Priority Processing is not available for paper-based applications.

Before applying, check on the VETASSESS website to confirm your eligibility to apply for Priority Processing and ensure you understand the application process. Once you reach the Fees and Payment section of the online application, you will be able to select the option for Priority Processing.

Once an application is submitted for Priority Processing, no additional time will be provided for document upload. Please ensure you have gathered all the required documents and understood the Eligibility Criteria for Priority Processing before applying.


The Priority Processing service is available for an additional fee to applicants of new skills assessment applications or reassessment for a new occupation. It is also subject to strict eligibility criteria, including that the application is made online for full skills assessment, with all documents submitted and payment received online at the time of submitting the application.

In the event that submitted documentation is identified as false, misleading, or inconsistent with information previously submitted to VETASSESS, or if investigation is required to establish the authenticity of the submitted information, VETASSESS reserves the right to conduct additional verification checks that may delay the assessment process beyond the 10 business days' standard Priority Processing timeframe.

Where VETASSESS accepts an application for the Priority Processing service then, unless the assessment is delayed by circumstances beyond VETASSESS’ control (including additional verification checks as detailed above), VETASSESS commits to completing the skills assessment within 10 business days, commencing on receipt by VETASSESS of a fully completed application, all required information and payment. It is the applicant’s responsibility to read and understand the application eligibility criteria, skills assessment requirements, and the relevant required documents checklist on the VETASSESS website before applying.

VETASSESS will not be liable for any loss suffered by an applicant whose skills assessment application is delayed by their failure to comply with the requirements of the Priority Processing service (including the submission of incomplete documentation) or if Priority Processing places are not available.

Applications that do not meet eligibility criteria for Priority Processing or where priority places are not available will be assessed consistent with our usual service timelines. In these cases, the Priority Processing service fee will be refunded less $100 administration fee to the applicant. Should VETASSESS fail to process within 10 business days an application accepted for the Priority Processing service, VETASSESS’ liability to the applicant will, in any event, be limited to the refund of the Priority Processing service fee less $100 administration fee. Note, a refund is not applicable in the event that submitted documentation is identified as false, misleading, or inconsistent with information previously submitted to VETASSESS, or if the investigation is required to establish the authenticity of the submitted information that delayed the assessment process beyond the 10 business days standard Priority Processing timeframe. the 10 business days does not include the 48 hours required to make the outcome letter available on the application online portal.


If your application is assessed as not suitable for Priority Processing, VETASSESS will refund the Priority Processing Fee within 3 weeks of notification of non-eligibility. Your application will proceed through the standard process for a full Skills Assessment.

The approximate time for a full Skills Assessment is 9-10 weeks, once we have received all documents and information required for the assessment.

Change of occupation requests will not be accepted for applications with paid Priority Processing due to the limited timeframe for service delivery and the processes involved. 

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