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Skills assessment documents: professional and general occupations

Applicants are expected to provide all the documents required at the time they submit their application.

We have changed our timeframes for applications that do not have complete documents. If any information or documents are missing from the application, we will provide 15 calendar days to submit them. If the outstanding documents are not submitted within the given timeframe, a final notice will be issued giving seven additional days before the application is closed without further communication.

You can request to reopen an application after providing all required documents and information. There will be an administrative fee of AUD$161 to reopen a closed application.

It is important to ensure you lodge a complete set of required documents when you apply, and this will avoid delays with processing of your application.

You can find information on the required documents here.


For more than 25 years VETASSESS has provided tailored, independent assessment services to governments, education sectors and industries globally.
We have pioneered assessment services to recognise and verify individuals’ qualifications, skills and experience for migration purposes against the requirements of 360 professional and 27 trade occupations.

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