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For business and industry

Leverage the expertise of VETASSESS, a trusted partner to industry and governments in skills assessment and educational services.

Since 1997, we’ve developed and delivered independent, tailored assessment solutions for business, educators, industry bodies and governments worldwide.

We partner with you to enable your business and workforce to adapt to the changing needs of economies and the skills you’ll need for future growth. The international capacity-building projects we design are shaping the future of work, pinpointing the talent needed to meet the demands of modern industry.

As a team, we’re constantly innovating and using our relationships to consult on new programs, initiatives and policies, creating a synergy between what industries need from skilled workers and the assessments and training required to deliver it.

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Build a stronger, highly skilled workforce.

With over 25 years of experience in recognising and assessing skills, we're proud of our reputation for helping Australian businesses support their employees. From curriculum development to skills assessments, peer assessment and review to training skills analysis, we can help you navigate skills shortages and fill skills gaps in your organisation.

Explore the ways we help businesses and organisations across Australia.

Business and Industry - education and consultancy

Education & Consultancy

Expert vocational education and training consultancy that gives your business access to world-class curriculum design and skills assessments

Our consultative approach to testing and curriculum development is backed by a team of industry leaders and supported with training. We develop modern education programs and curriculum using the latest technologies and innovative delivery methods, created or curated into in-person training for your team, either nationally or globally. We’ll work alongside you to solve pressing workplace planning, assessment and curriculum challenges, giving you the confidence that your staff are equipped with the skills and training they need to be successful in the future. Check out our different services in more detail below.

Explore the full range of VETASSESS services for business and industry

We offer more than skills assessments. Discover the full range of services we offer in Australia and abroad, including educational consulting, eLearning and curriculum development.

Why choose VETASSESS?

We're experts in assessment, skills mapping, recognition of prior learning and identifying skills gaps.

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25+ years 
of experience

We are the Australian leader and go-to organisation for assessing qualifications, skills and experience.

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Transparent Assessments

Our assessment application process is authorised by government, fair and transparent. Every applicant is treated fairly.

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Industry leaders

We understand trades and skills, recognising and assessing more occupations than any other agency in Australia. 

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Global Footprint

Across four continents, our offices provide a premium suite of services to governments, organisations and businesses.

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Employee Development

We help businesses with curriculum development, peer assessment and review, training skills analysis and gap mapping for employees.

Online education that embraces technology and modern learning

As education delivery methods change, teachers, educators and governments must adapt. At VETASSESS, we’re investing in future technologies to deliver online learning and assessments in modern and innovative ways, such as online video, augmented reality and virtual reality eLearning.

Through eWorks, our education consultants can work with you to design customised, scalable and fit-for-purpose solutions that capture your unique requirements and meet the demands of your stakeholders and goals.

Business and Industry - online education that embraces technology and modern learning

VETASSESS compares international qualifications with Australian standards

Understanding how an employee's or job candidate's overseas qualifications compare with Australian requirements and standards for a role is important for business success.

VETASSESS provides independent verifications and assessments for qualifications and employment claims across trade, professional and other occupations. We assess overseas qualifications against the Australian Qualifications Framework, or other national frameworks.

Business and Industry - VETASSESS can compare international qualifications with australian standards

Pioneering global partnerships and relationships

From the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and the United Kingdom, VETASSESS provides advice and services in skills recognition and curriculum development to governments, organisations and individuals across four continents.

Partner with us and you’ll benefit from our vast and global experience in assessment and standards development. Our in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging expertise is recognised around the world and we would love the opportunity to help you too.

Business and Industry - Pioneering global partnerships and relationships

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