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Mapping overseas qualifications to Australian standards

The VETASSESS Qualifications Referencing Service maps overseas qualifications to Australian education standards, supporting international students to enrol in Australian universities and technical colleges.

Australian education pathways

We are experts at matching how an overseas qualification corresponds to an Australian certificate, diploma or degree. Our Qualifications Referencing Service can identify gaps between the learning in overseas and Australian qualifications.

When we identify these information gaps, we provide students, teachers, and overseas institutes and universities with the information they need to compare qualifications.

This gives international students greater confidence when enrolling in Australian education. Teachers and trainers can see how their work compares internationally.

mapping to australian standards

How the Qualifications Referencing Service works

Once our partner informs us of the qualification to reference, we identify similar Australian qualifications for comparison, including entry requirements, teacher training criteria, learning outcomes, and the potential employment outcomes for graduates.



We work with institutions, teachers, trainers and students to ensure we gain a deep understanding of the qualification. This includes entry requirements, teacher training requirements, modules and learning outcomes. 



We identify the equipment required and the amount of practical and theoretical study in the course. We also speak to students about how they experience their learning and the learning styles that are most productive and rewarding for them.



We will usually hold workshops to discuss the comparison framework with our partners to define the intended outcomes and share our findings.



Once we understand the qualification, we engage with Australian colleges, technical institutions or universities to discuss how they might welcome and integrate international students.


Qualifications mapping of Chinese vocational qualifications: a case study

This is truly a collaborative effort!

VETASSESS partnered with the Chinese Testing, Inspection and Certification Education Association (CTICEA) in China to map Chinese vocational qualifications to Australian standards. The collaboration involved exploring and informing cross-border qualification recognition opportunities by mapping Chinese vocational qualifications to Australian standards in some fields of study.

The project in 2021 and 2022 was funded by the Victorian Government through a Study Melbourne Research Partnership, administered by VESKI, which drives programs and initiatives to inspire innovation.

We identified and selected three Chinese colleges offering three qualifications in the fields of Chemical Technology and Environmental Monitoring and Control Technology:

  • Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering (Analytical Inspection Technology)
  • Hebei Chemical and Pharmaceutical College (Analytical Inspection Technology)
  • Guangdong Polytechnic of Environmental Protection Engineering Vocational College (Environmental Monitoring Technology)

The work involved developing a structured framework for mapping the Chinese qualifications and identifying how to address any skills gap with Australian education institutions.

We held workshops with our international partners to share information on the project, and discuss potential development work and the outcomes.

The project also engaged with trainers and students to gain an understanding of the Chinese qualifications, industry experience and work-integrated learning.

Several Australian institutions were involved in discussions around a direct pathway for students from Chinese colleges. The Australian institutions included RMIT, Bendigo Kangan Institute and Box Hill Institute.

The project led to recommendations for Chinese institutions and students that included bridging courses, how Australian qualifications could be integrated into the Chinese qualifications, and additional training for Chinese trainers.

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