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Am I Eligible to Apply With My Trade Occupation?

Find out if VETASSESS can help assess your trade

We understand trades, and recognise and assess 27 trade occupations and general occupations for prospective migrants from around the world.

All our assessors have worked in their trade and we've become the Australian leader for assessing trade qualifications, skills and experience.

Am I Eligible

Am I eligible to apply?

To check if you are eligible to apply for a Trade Skills Assessment, enter your details below and select 'Check my eligibility'.

Eligibility check result

All potential applicants are advised to check with the Department of Home Affairs ( ) before submitting their application, to confirm a skills assessment is required for their visa application.

You are eligible to apply.

(ANZSCO Code: ) is an approved occupation for candidates from and program type.

Eligibility check result

This assessment is not available in your country.

Please contact Trades Recognition Australia to discuss alternative assessments.

Eligibility check result

Please contact VETASSESS for more information about your Skills Assessment.

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If you do not meet the requirements, we will issue you a letter that states that you have not met the pre-migration skills assessment requirements. The letter will indicate the assessment components where your application did not meet the requirements. 

If you disagree with the outcome, you should contact us to discuss your case with the assessor, who will advise you on the options available for a reassessment where applicable.

You can find approximate times here 

You can try locating the occupation on the Department of Home Affairs website. Details of the relevant assessing authority will be listed there too. 

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