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Chinese Qualifications Verification Service

If you plan to include any qualifications awarded from P.R. China as part of your VETASSESS Skills Assessment application, you will have to apply for our Chinese Qualifications Verification service.

First, get a report.

We cannot conduct your Skills Assessment without first receiving a Chinese Qualifications Verification report from the Center for Student Services and Development (CSSD) in China.

The CSSD verifies the authenticity of qualification documents obtained from the People's Republic of China (P.R. China) issued after 1981.

It does not verify qualifications achieved in Macau and/or Hong Kong.

First, get a report

Am I eligible?

This service is available for individuals or their migration agent or lawyer seeking a Skills Assessment for migration. The service may also be used by government bodies, educational institutions and businesses seeking verification of qualifications achieved in P. R. China.

Please note, this service does not compare Chinese qualifications with Australian qualifications for skills assessment purposes. A VETASSESS Skills Assessment for migration purposes is a separate service.


How to apply

Applications can be lodged online. Before applying, please ensure you have read the following sections of our website:



Read the Application


Gather Required Documents

You can find the list of required documents in English and a Chinese-language version


Pay the Application Fee

How to pay online


Apply Online

Apply online and track your application

What will we provide you with?

Once we have completed the verification, the following documents will be available to download on your online portal.

VETASSESS verification letter

A VETASSESS verification letter stating the verification outcome result.

Credentials Report of your certificate of graduation

A Credentials report of your Certificate of Graduation (in Chinese).

Credentials Report of your academic transcript

A Credentials report of your academic transcript in both Chinese and English.

Credentials Report of your degree certificate

A Credentials report of your degree certificate (in English).

List of required documents (查看中文)

In this section you will find a list of required documents  (查看中文) that must be submitted as part of your application.

  • Colour scan of original Passport Bio-page OR
  • Colour scan of Notarial Birth Certificate

A photocopy of your Chinese Personal Identification Card (居民身份证).
No English translation is required.

For applicants who require Chinese Qualifications Verification for VETASSESS Skills Assessment purposes: if you hold a Bachelor Degree-level qualification or higher degree, you will need to have the following documents verified:

  • Degree certificate
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Academic transcript or examination results in Chinese
  • Academic transcript or examination results in English translation

For applicants who require verification for an organisation other than VETASSESS, you should first consult the relevant organisation about their requirements.

Documents required:

  • Degree Certificate: the original Degree Certificate and its official translation, along with CSSD Degree Verification e-reports in Chinese.
  • For Chinese qualifications awarded on September 2008 and prior, apply for the verification report (中国高等教育学位认证报告
  • For Chinese qualifications awarded after September 2008, apply for the verification report (中国高等教育学位在线验证报告)
  • Certificate of Graduation: the original certificate and its official English translation.
  • Academic transcript or examination record in Chinese: these must be issued and endorsed by the central student administration office or archiving office of the awarding body or the attending institution (for Self-Taught programs, it must be officially issued and endorsed by the relevant Self-Taught Examinations Committee).
  • Academic transcript or examination record in English the English translation must be issued and endorsed by the central student administration office or archiving office of the awarding body or the attending institution. Alternatively, translations prepared by the registered translation service or translations included in the Notarial Certificates can be accepted.
  • Academic transcript in editable PDF: select one of the Chinese academic transcript templates depending on whether the semesters appear or do not appear on the original Chinese transcript, and submit together with the academic transcript in the English template with your application. Please note, it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the information in the editable PDF is consistent with their academic transcripts.
    (To fill an editable PDF, your version of Adobe Reader should be no older than 2018.)
  • Additional documents required (if applicable):
  • If the original qualification certificate is lost, a reissued certificate (毕业证明书/学士学位证明书) is required. The reissued certificate must be issued and endorsed by the central student administration office or archiving office of the awarding body or the attending institution. Please note that for Self-Taught programs, it must be officially issued and endorsed by the relevant Self-Taught Examinations Committee.
  • If the details on the original qualification document, such as the applicant’s date of birth and name, are inconsistent with any other document due to an administrative error by the awarding body, an explanation letter from the awarding body on official letterhead and stamp must be provided.

Note: Please ensure complete documentation is submitted. Any unofficially issued documents or Graduate Registration Records may be unacceptable and/or verified as ‘non-genuine’. Ensure the information, e.g. subject name, scores and credits, in the English version matches the Chinese original language as both versions will be verified. Inconsistent information in both versions may cause considerable delay or lead to a negative verification result.

Applicants who were awarded qualifications by army institutions during their service in the army are required to provide additional documents for verification. Please contact us for further information.

One recent passport-sized colour photograph is required. The photograph must be no more than six months old and of good quality (self-taken photographs are not acceptable).

A notarial certificate with English translation is required.

  • Official translations issued by the awarding institution
  • Certified translation prepared by a registered translation service
  • Translation included in the Notarial Certificates.

You can find all our fees in the table below. 

Important note:

  • If any required documentation is missing, processing may be delayed.
  • We will contact you for additional documentation, if required.
  • Any documents supplied will not be returned.
  • Documents need to follow our Acceptable Formats Guide when uploading to the online portal
  • Please allow at least 8 weeks before contacting us about the status of your application.

Application Fees

Required Fee ScheduleApplicant is a resident of Australia for tax purposes (includes GST)Applicants is not a resident of Australia for tax purposes (excludes GST)
Degree CertificateAUD $154.00AUD $140.00
Certificate of GraduationAUD $154.00AUD $140.00
Academic transcript or exam recordAUD $189.20AUD $172.00

*Refer to the Australian Taxation Office website for more information.

Explore FAQs

VETASSESS works directly with the relevant educational authorities in the People's Republic of China (P.R. China) in order to verify both the authenticity and the recognition status of some qualifications and documents you submit for skills assessment purposes. Our verification service provides the ONLY source of verification outcomes for use in VETASSESS Skills Assessments

As part of the working arrangement with the Chinese government, VETASSESS requires all qualification documents awarded in P.R. China to be verified through our Chinese Qualifications Verification service. You are required to apply through VETASSESS even if you have already obtained Credential Reports from the relevant verification authorities.

For applicants who require the Chinese Qualifications Verification for VETASSESS skills assessment purposes, you only need to apply for verification of the qualification that meets the minimum requirement of your nominated occupation. However, if that qualification includes credits granted from any previous studies, the earlier qualification/s will also need to be verified together with the later or higher qualification.

Please note you may use the verification reports again when you lodge a subsequent application for skilled migration purposes with the Department of Home Affairs. We suggest that you submit both the verification results and any VETASSESS result letters together with your other visa-related documents when lodging an application to the Department of Home Affairs. 

For applicants referred to us by other skills assessing authorities/ professional bodies, please ensure you have read the latest information regarding the verification process before applying to VETASSESS.

A negative or non-genuine verification result, meaning that either the qualification is not recognised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in China, or is not recorded in MOE's or the educational institution's database, will normally mean that a qualification cannot be assessed for skills assessment purposes and, there will be an unsuccessful VETASSESS skills assessment outcome. A positive verification result can be used for skills assessment purposes but does not automatically guarantee a positive skills assessment outcome. A positive (verified) qualification from P.R. China will be assessed by our assessment guidelines in order to determine equivalence to qualifications currently listed in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Most Chinese Qualification Verification applications are completed within 8-10 weeks, with a small number of cases taking longer (for instance, any qualifications awarded before 1995).

Please allow at least 8 weeks before making any status inquiries with VETASSESS. In addition, failure to submit all required documents when you apply may cause considerable delays in completing your Chinese Qualification Verification application. Your Chinese Qualification Verification cannot be completed until we receive all required documentation. Please refer to the Required Documents section of our website before submitting your application.

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