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Renewal of Full Skills Assessment

If you have received a successful skills assessment and would like to be reassessed, you may be eligible to apply for a renewal application with VETASSESS.

Learn how to renew your skills assessment before it expires

You may wish to be reassessed for a number of reasons, including adding newly acquired qualifications and/or employment positions that were not previously assessed.

The renewal application involves:

  • A reassessment of your original successful skills assessment outcome, with additional qualification or/and employment considered, including for Points Test purposes.
  • Renewing the expiry date with or without your additional qualification or/and employment.
renewal of skills assessment

Do I still meet the requirements?

To satisfy our requirements when applying for a renewal, you must demonstrate that your skills meet the current criteria for your nominated occupation.

It is important to check the current criteria because they may have changed. We will check your qualifications against the criteria, as well as whether you have recently worked in your occupation.

Please note that VETASSESS cannot guarantee a successful outcome as part of the renewal application process.

It is your responsibility to confirm with the Department of Home Affairs as to whether you need a renewed skills assessment outcome for your intended visa application.

How long is my assessment valid for?

A positive full skills assessment outcome is usually valid for three years from its issue date.

If you need a renewal of your skills assessment, you can contact us at any time before your skills assessment is about to expire.

Once your skills assessment outcome letter has expired, it cannot be renewed. You will need to submit a new skills assessment application through the Online Application Portal by logging into your Dashboard.

How to apply

If you currently hold a positive full skills assessment for your nominated occupation, completed within the last 3 years, you can apply for a renewal application online.

If you decide to apply outside of the three-year time limit period, you will need to submit a new application and pay the full fee.

To apply for a renewal application, start application below, or click here to Apply today. 

Fees and Payments

Application fees include GST if the applicant is an Australian resident for tax purposes.

Application methodApplying from within Australia (includes GST)Applying from outside Australia (excludes GST)
Renewal – Full Skills Assessment OnlineAUD$490.60AUD$446.00

*Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website for information regarding tax residency. We accept MasterCard or VISA where online application and payment is permitted.

Explore FAQs

The renewal process normally takes about four to six weeks once we receive all of the required documentation evidence. This may take longer depending on the complexity of the application.

We will not be able to renew your assessment if we no longer assess that occupation.

Employment that is outside of the last five years cannot be accepted and will not meet the skills assessment requirements.

Students whose income is derived from living allowances or scholarships designed to cover their expenses, will not meet the skills assessment requirement of “paid employment at an appropriate remuneration basis in their nominated occupation”.

For skilled employment to be considered "remunerated", applicants must be engaged in the occupation on a paid basis, generally at the award or market rate of the occupation. This requirement applies to all full skills assessment applications. Applicants are advised to provide evidence of any additional paid employment experience at the appropriate skill level to meet current assessment criteria and support the renewal of their original full skills assessment application.

Please ensure that you understand the eligibility requirements before submitting your renewal application. A refund is not possible after a renewal assessment has commenced and can only be paid in limited circumstances. Please find more information the VETASSESS refund process here.

VETASSESS skills assessments are currently valid for three years from the original issue date for skilled migration purposes. It is recommended that applicants seek confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs in regard to their requirements for visa applications.

Once a renewal application has been processed and if your renewal outcome is unsuccessful, you will need to apply for review or change of occupation within 90 days. Please see further information about reassessment options here.

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