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Reassessments, Reviews, Appeals, Reissues & Feedback

You can ask for a reassessment, appeal or review of your professional skills assessment.

Unsuccessful professional assessment?

You can ask for a review or an appeal of a VETASSESS skills assessment outcome, and you can apply to have your skills assessed against another occupation.

This page details your options.

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Request a reassessment

To request a reassessment, go to our online portal and submit your application along with any additional evidence. 

Request a review

If you disagree with your unsuccessful skills assessment outcome, you can ask for a review of the decision.

A review application must:

  • Set out the grounds on which the review is sought, including any additional background information about the claims
  • Include additional evidence to support your claims. You do not need to re-submit the documents provided in your original application.

Please note that it is your responsibility to provide us with a decision-ready application at the time of making your request. We are under no obligation to seek further information from you at any time and can make a decision based on the evidence provided.

How to ask for a review

To ask for a review, go to the ‘Completed Cases’ section of your online application portal and submit your application. This process also allows you to provide us with any new additional qualifications and/or employment along with the documented evidence to support your application. You must submit your review application within 90 days from the issue date of the original assessment decision. The review assessment will be conducted by a different team of assessors who were not involved in your initial application. 

If you decide to apply for a review outside of the 90-day time limit period, you will need to pay the full fee. If you decide to submit a new application under the same occupation, this new application will still undergo the review process. Documents submitted as part of this application will be assessed together with all the evidence you have submitted previously.

When making an application for reassessment, you will need to support your claims. We cannot proceed with a review application that does not include any new evidence, so you should consider what evidence is available to support your reassessment application. This evidence can include documents, declarations and other records. We will refund your application fee (less an administration charge) if we decide that your application is invalid because it has already been through a skills assessment process, and there is no new evidence supplied.

Please note that our Priority Processing service is not available for review applications. The usual processing time frame for a review application is currently 14 weeks.


If you believe the review decision is incorrect, you may appeal the decision. No additional information will be considered at the appeal stage. The appeal decision is final and there is no opportunity to re-appeal. We will refund the skills assessment application fee you paid (less an administration fee) if we decide that the application is invalid on the grounds that the application has already been through the review and appeal process, and there is no new evidence supplied.

VETASSESS may seek advice from an independent industry expert to reach the outcome for the appeal application. Appeal applications are normally processed in 14-16 weeks. You will be provided a written outcome of the appeal decision that includes the reasons for an unfavourable decision, if applicable.

There are fees to appeal a decision, but if your appeal is upheld, you will be refunded the full appeal fee.

You can apply for an appeal by completing the SRG04 Appeal Request form and emailing it to us at along with the correct fee payment.

You must submit your appeal application within 90 days of the review outcome decision.

Changing Your Nominated Occupation

If you receive a negative outcome for your skills assessment, you can apply for a reassessment with a change of occupation.

To request a reassessment with a change of occupation, you must submit your application within 90 days from the date of the original assessment decision and pay the fee. 

You can include additional employment details and qualifications to support your application but you will not be able to make any changes to your original application.

To ask for a change of occupation, go to the ‘Completed Cases’ section of your online application portal and submit your application.

You can fast track your application by selecting the Priority Processing option and have it completed within 10 business days if you meet Priority Processing eligibility criteria. 

It’s important to note that if you apply for a Change of Occupation outside the 90-day window from the initial unsuccessful application outcome, you will need to pay the full fee.


We can reissue a duplicate copy of your results. We will supply you with a reprint of your assessment with the current date and the date the assessment was originally issued. You may request a reissue of your result if you require a duplicate copy of your Skills Assessment or Points Test Advice outcome letter. 
Complete and sign the SRG03 Reissue Request form, quoting your file reference number, latest contact details and email it to us at Please note that a reissue fee applies; see the Fees and Payment page for details.


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