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Pathway 1 Process

Pathway 1 is for skilled trades people who don't have an Australian qualification or occupational licence.

What is pathway 1?

The main difference between pathway 1 and pathway 2 is whether or not you already have an Australian qualification or relevant occupational licence.

Choose pathway 1 if you DON’T currently hold an Australian qualification and want to apply to get your trade skills assessed by VETASSESS.

trades pathway one

Am I eligible?

To apply with VETASSESS, you’ll need to meet the minimum employment requirements, which are:

  • For licensed trades: 6 years' employment experience (with no formal training)
    OR 4 years' employment experience (with relevant formal training)
  • For non-licensed trades: 5 years' employment experience (with no formal
    training) OR 3 years' employment experience (with relevant formal training).

You also need to have worked in your chosen occupation for at least 12 months in the 3 years prior to submitting your application.

Download the assessment process

Download the Pathway 1 assessment process.

What do I do next?

Choose an option based on whether your occupation is a licensed or non-licensed trade in Australia. Licensed trades are: 

  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Electrician (General)
  • Electrician (Special Class)
  • Plumber (General)
Pathway 1

For Licensed Trades - Pathway One Licensed Trades

VETASSESS assesses four licensed trade occupations for those wishing to migrate temporarily or permanently to Australia using their existing trade skills.

For licensed trades, there are 3 stages you’ll need to complete in order to get your trade skills assessed.

Pathway One Non-Licensed

For Non-Licensed Trades - Pathway One Non-Licensed Trades

To get your non-licensed trades skills assessed by us, you’ll need to first choose your trade occupation.

For non-licensed trades, there are 2 stages to complete in order for us to assess your skills, knowledge and experience.

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Applying for a trade skills assessment with VETASSESS? Explore a range of helpful resources we’ve created to guide you through the assessment process.

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Get step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a skills assessment, and more, with VETASSESS.

Assessment Locations

Assessment Locations

Find your nearest skills assessment centre in Australia or around the world.

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Read the fact sheet and assessment information for your occupation.

Every trade occupation has a fact sheet and other information about how you will be assessed. 

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