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Pathway 1 for Licensed Trades

For international applicants who don’t have a relevant Australian qualification or occupational licence.

Here’s how to get your skills and experience assessed

There are three stages to complete in pathway 1. Once you’ve explored each stage, you’ll be ready to apply.

Start by applying online

For your trades skills assessment, you’ll first need to provide evidence of relevant work experience that matches your chosen Australian occupation.

Then, once you’ve uploaded evidence of your work experience, you’ll pay the fee for the first stage of your assessment directly to Trades Recognition Australia.

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Stage 1: Documentary Evidence Assessment

We will review the evidence you submit to make sure you have the sufficient knowledge and experience to work in your trade in Australia.

The assessor will conduct various checks – including calling your referees – so double check to make sure all contact details are up to date.

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Stage 2: Technical interview

In a technical interview, an assessor will ask you a range of questions about the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation.

These interviews are available on weekdays at one of our assessment venues around the world.

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Stage 3: Practical assessment

Held internationally and in Australia, practical assessment involves you completing a series of work-based tasks that demonstrate your trade skills.

Their goal is to collect evidence that proves you have the skills and knowledge to continue working in your trade in Australia.

Please be aware that all assessments are in English and no interpreter is allowed.

Stage 3: Practical assessment

Getting your assessment outcome

We understand that this stage of the assessment process can be stressful, but our team will do everything they can to get your assessment outcome to you as soon as they can.

If your Trade Skills Assessment is successful, you’ll receive

  • a Successful Skills Assessment Result Letter, and
  • an Offshore Technical Skills Record.

If unsuccessful, you’ll receive an Unsuccessful Skills Assessment Result Letter. From here, you have three options available to you. You can:

  1. Accept the decision 
  2. Apply for a reassessment 
  3. Appeal to get a review of the assessment decision.
Step 4

Can I get my assessment documents reissued?

Yes – to do this you’ll need to complete, sign and submit a FM-SRT-34 Reissue of Documents form. We can then send you a reprint of your documents which will show both the reprint date and the date of the original document.

It may take four to six weeks for your request to be processed, but if your assessment outcome letter has expired, please contact Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) for advice.

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