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Pathway 1 Non Licensed Trades

If you don't have an Australian qualification or occupational licence, you will undertake your skills assessment via Pathway 1.

Apply, provide evidence and pay Stage 1 fee

You need to provide evidence of your employment, skills and knowledge at this stage. Your evidence must show that you meet the minimum employment experience requirements for your occupation. 

For non-licensed trades this is:

  • 5 years' employment experience if you have no formal training.
  • 3 years' employment experience if you have relevant formal training. 
  • Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 12 months within the last 3 years and must be able to be verified.

Download our Pathway 1 Employment Experience Guidelines

pathway 1 non licensed - Apply, provide evidence and pay Stage 1 fee

Stage 1: Documentary Evidence Assessment

We will review the evidence you provide to check you have sufficient employment experience and the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation in Australia.

When reviewing your evidence, we will conduct checks including calling your referees to confirm your evidence is genuine. You must make sure you provide us with current contact details.

pathway 1 non licensed - Stage 1 Documentary Evidence Assessment

Stage 2: Technical Interview

If you are successful in Stage 1, you will complete a technical assessment.

For more information about the technical assessment, see the Pathway 1 Technical Assessment Guide and Pathway 2 Candidate Guide.

pathway 1 non licensed - Stage 2 Technical Interview

Receive your assessment outcome

If your Trade Skills Assessment is successful, you will receive:

  • an Successful Skills Assessment Result Letter
  • an Australian Certificate III or IV qualification and Statement of Results.

If your Trade Skills Assessment is unsuccessful, you will receive:

  • a Unsuccessful Skills Assessment Result Letter
  • a Statement of Results and Statement of Attainment.
pathway 1 non licensed - Receive your assessment outcome

Reassessments, reviews, reissues, and feedback

If your Trade Skills Assessment outcome is unsuccessful, there are two options available to you. You can undertake a reassessment or request a review of the assessment decision (appeal the decision). Find more information on this process here

assessment feedback and reviews

Explore FAQs

You can find guides and factsheets on our website that will give you more information about the assessment process.

If you do not meet the requirements, we will issue you a letter that states that you have not met the pre-migration skills assessment requirements. The letter will indicate the assessment components where your application did not meet the requirements. 

If you disagree with the outcome, you should contact us to discuss your case with the assessor, who will advise you on the options available for a reassessment where applicable.

You can find approximate times here 

You can try locating the occupation on the Department of Home Affairs website. Details of the relevant assessing authority will be listed there too. 

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