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6 Answers by Experts – April 2022

Applicants for a skills assessment for migration often have questions about the employment evidence they should supply. In this blog, our experts answer some of the most frequent questions that we receive via webinars, social media and emails.

1. What samples of work do you require for the role of Marketing Specialist?

For Marketing Specialist, we like to see samples of your work such as marketing plans, marketing collateral and contracts, if these are relevant to your employment. These are not mandatory documents, but we find them helpful to understand the type and variety of work you have performed. This supplementary material helps us, regardless of the location of your employment.

2. I am a Geologist who changes employers regularly because I perform project work. Can my experience be combined to meet the employment requirements?

For this occupation, project roles such as fly in/fly out contracts of three months or more are accepted for employment experience. A number of these types of contracts may be combined for employment experience. Rosters may have unregulated weekly hours, which means they may not meet the requirements for a minimum number of hours of work performed. For this reason, we prefer that the overarching contract is submitted, as it will outline the specific basis on which work was performed.

3. I am the owner of a coffee shop. Can I apply for a skill assessment as a Cafe and Restaurant Manager?

Cafe and Restaurant Manager is an occupation under ANZSCO, (ANZSCO Code 141111). This occupation includes cafe owners who are responsible for managing their business operations, so an owner must be involved in the business in a managerial capacity and satisfy the requirements for education and employment experience.

As you are self-employed, we will request evidence from your chartered/registered accountant to provide testimony of your primary income and tax documents. This evidence should include the business registration details.

You can find an information sheet on this occupation here.

And our blog on self-employment experience here.

4. Can I submit a job offer or contract as evidence of employment or my ability to perform tasks?

A job offer or contract does not tell us that you have actually worked at that position, so we ask that you provide evidence of proven experience. The offer or contract could be used as supporting evidence, but it would be taken as supplementary evidence to your application.

5. In my application for my trade occupation, can I include experience from jobs I worked in more than five years ago?

Having up-to-date skills is important in trade occupations. We look for 12 months’ currency within the last three years. Anything prior to that can be submitted, but we need to see that you are at the skill level of that occupation in the last three years.

6. I can upload a reference from my current manager, but I don’t want my employer to know that I am considering migrating to Australia. How do I make sure you don’t contact her?

Please let us know that you do not wish for us to contact your current employer. This is a common request, and we can assure you there are other ways to verify the information provided without alerting your employer to your intention to apply.


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