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Answers by experts in trade occupations – July 2023

In this blog, our VETASSESS assessors in trade occupations answer some of the most common questions that we receive via webinars, social media and emails.

Answers by Experts

1. I live in Zimbabwe. Where will my technical interview take place and how will I be notified so I can arrange to travel there?

We now have an assessment venue in Harare. This is where we will conduct your technical assessment. You will be notified when this assessment is to be conducted. We are experiencing significant delays due to the number of applications.

2. Is it possible to pass a technical interview and an assessment of practical skills online for an air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanic?

Because this is a licensed occupation, you will need to complete both the technical and practical assessments. Technical assessments are conducted online prior to the practical assessment. The practical assessments are conducted in person.

3. I am working for a government organisation as an electrician and they are not ready to give me a letter outlining my experience. Can I give you a statutory declaration?

For trades occupations we do not accept statutory declarations as an alternative to reference letters. You may provide a Statement of Service or reference from a direct supervisor or employer whom you have worked with during this employment period.

4. For a general electrician, are the technical interview and the practical assessment conducted on the same day?

The technical assessment is conducted online prior to the practical assessment. The practical assessment is conducted in person. Licensed trades such as Electrician (general) require a practical assessment.

5. I am a cook who has progressed to become a chef. Will my work experience as a cook be acceptable as part of the work experience for a chef’s skill assessment?

Yes, your work experience as a cook will be counted toward your application as a chef. You must, however, be working at the skill level of your occupation for a minimum of 12 months full time in the last three years.

6. I am a pastry chef. VETASSESS’ list of relevant qualifications does not have the Certificate IV in patisserie, whilst Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) does recognise it.

VETASSESS does not assess the occupation of pastry chef. We do however assess the occupation of pastry cook. The qualification recognised for this occupation is SIT31021 Certificate III in Patisserie. A certificate IV in Patisserie may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but your work experience MUST be relevant to your occupation.


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