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Free employability assessments for migrants living in Australia

UPDATE: This program has closed for new applications. If you are currently participating in the program you can email us at 

VETASSESS is offering a free employability assessment for more occupations under an Australian Government program to help migrants living in Australia gain employment at their skill level.

The 43 occupations now being assessed by VETASSESS cover a wide range of industries, including agriculture, engineering, marketing, sports roles, dental roles, insurance, finance and construction.

The employability assessment will identify gaps in areas such as literacy, digital skills and communication skills. VETASSESS will provide a referral to a training organisation that will help the applicant with these skills and the Australian Government will pay most of the cost.

Migrants who have received a successful skills assessment from VETASSESS in any of 43 occupations can apply for this program if their assessment is dated from 1 January 2012 – with the date now extended back from 2019.

The full list of roles assessed by VETASSESS and the eligibility criteria are here.

Important note to potential applicants: VETASSESS can only refer migrants to this program who have received a successful skills assessment from VETASSESS. If you have a skills assessment from another assessing authority, you should contact them.

This program is not part of the VETASSESS skilled migration assessment program. It is available to applicants living in Australia on an eligible permanent visa.

This offer is Pilot 3 - Employability Assessments for Migrants Pilot, and part of the Australian Government’s Skills Assessment Program pilots. For more information on the pilots, visit the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations' website here

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For more than 25 years VETASSESS has provided tailored, independent assessment services to governments, education sectors and industries globally.
We have pioneered assessment services to recognise and verify individuals’ qualifications, skills and experience for migration purposes against the requirements of 360 professional and 27 trade occupations.

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