VETASSESS Privacy Statement

Bendigo Kangan Institute trading as VETASSESS ABN 74 802 942 886 (“VETASSESS”) aims to comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic), the Health Records Act 2001(Vic) and all other applicable privacy legislation and to implement practices and procedures to ensure compliance. The Information Privacy Principles as set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Privacy Principles as set out in Schedule 1 of the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) are incorporated in this Privacy Statement.

At VETASSESS, we respect the privacy rights of individuals in regard to the personal and health information they supply to VETASSESS.

We will observe the following principles:

1. Collection of information

‘Personal information’ we collect means any recorded information that can identify someone and this includes your name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, e-mail address, credit card details for payment of fees, passport details and photographic, video or audio recordings of you.

‘Health information’ we collect means health information as defined in the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and includes information that can be linked to an individual, that is about their physical, mental or psychological health, or disability status.

We will only collect personal information or health information that is relevant for our functions and activities (the “Primary Purpose”) which include:

  • Skills assessment of qualifications and employment for migration to Australia;
  • Skills assessment of qualifications and employment for finding employment, when you already reside in Australia;
  • Provision and/or administration of tests for assessment of your skills and/or knowledge;
  • Related dealings with Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.

How we collect personal information or health information will depend on the circumstances. If it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect personal information or health information from you directly, for example through our on-line application system, via phone calls or e-mails you send us. However, we may also collect personal information or health information from a migration agent acting on your behalf and from third parties such as the Department of Education and Training (C’lth), Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Taxation Office, domestic, including Police and Defence Forces, and overseas service providers and employers.

At the time of collection, we will provide a written statement containing our contact details, why we need the information requested (including any law that requires the particular information to be collected), what purposes we use this information for and to whom we regularly disclose this information to and the main consequences (if any) for you if all or part of the information is not provided. Information will also be provided about your right to access and, if appropriate, correct information we hold about you. Information that is collected will be held securely to prevent any security breaches.

2. Use and Disclosure

We will not use or disclose any personal information or health information to a third party for a purpose other than the Primary Purpose for its collection unless:

  • we have obtained your consent;
  • use or disclosure is for a related (or directly related, if sensitive information) secondary purpose; or
  • is required, authorised or permitted by law.

We may use your contact details to contact you to:

  • provide you with information you have requested;
  • respond to your feedback;
  • confirm receipt of e-mails you have sent to us;
  • contact you for any other reason, for example to ensure that the personal information we have collected about you is accurate and up to date; or
  • seek qualitative and quantitative market research data and insights such as surveys and focus groups.

When you visit our website, our site’s server records information concerning your server address, your top level domain name (for example, .com, .gov etc.), the date and time you visited our website, the pages you accessed and documents you downloaded, the type of browser you are using, and the address of the previous website you visited. All of this information is collected for statistical purposes, which enables us to assess the number of visitors to the different sections of the site and assists us to make the website more useful to visitors.

We may disclose your personal information or health information to third parties including government agencies (for example, Department of Industry and Science, Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Taxation Office), domestic and overseas service providers and, employers for verification of identity/data purposes.

If we discover that you have provided false, misleading or incorrect information to support your application and we have relied on that information to award a successful skills assessment outcome, we may recommend that your application or assessment be rejected or reviewed or the certificate be rescinded.

3. Data Quality

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information or health information that is collected, used or disclosed is complete, accurate and current. If you wish to access or update your personal information or health information we will provide all reasonable assistance to do so.

4. Data Security

Personal information or health information is held by us in printed documents and on electronic databases. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that information is protected from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure including website protection measures, security restrictions on access to our computer systems, controlled access to our corporate premises and policies on document storage. However, while we make all attempts to secure the personal information or health information you may electronically transmit to us, the nature of electronic transmissions is such that there is a possibility that a third party may observe this information whilst it is in transit.

All information not required will be destroyed in accordance with privacy legislation or as required by other legislation or as required under guidance from the Public Records Office.

5. Openness

We will take all reasonable steps to provide you with details of your personal information or health information being held upon request including placing our privacy policy on our website. In our privacy policy, we advise you of the type of information we possess, the purpose for it being held, the method of collection, use and disclosure of the information as well as your rights to access and amend this information.

6. Access and Correction

Generally, we will give you access to your personal information or health information upon written request within 30 days from receipt of the request, subject to exceptions permitted by law. All requested information will be provided within 30 days from receipt of the request.

If we receive a written request to correct personal information about you and we are satisfied that the personal information held by us is not accurate, complete or up to date, we will take all reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up to date.

We will provide you with reasons for denial of access or refusal to correct personal information.

Please note that VETASSESS collects personal information for the purposes of making migration assessments used by the Australian Government. The Australian Government requires VETASSESS to retain details of the assessments and information it uses in making those assessments. Consequently, notwithstanding that in other circumstances (such as the European Union’s Global Data Privacy Regulation) an individual may have a right to have their personal records erased, VETASSESS cannot comply with any request for the erasure or destruction of records relating to migration assessment applications authorized to do so by the Australian Government. Applicants should consider this when making an application.

7. Unique identifiers

Sometimes we have to collect unique identifiers such as Centrelink numbers, Tax File Numbers or Health Care Card Numbers in order to carry out our functions. If we do need this information the purposes for collecting these numbers will be explained to you.

We will not use these unique identifiers for any other purposes than those for which they were collected.

If we ascribe a unique identifier to you for internal use, this will not be shared with any other body or person without your consent.

8. Anonymity

You have the option of not identifying yourself when entering transactions with us wherever it is lawful and practicable.

9. Transborder data flows

We may transfer personal information or health information to domestic and overseas service providers for the purpose of verifying your identity. Otherwise we will not transfer personal information or health information to a person outside of Victoria or Australia unless that person or body is legally obliged to protect the individual's privacy under equivalent or higher privacy legislation as ourselves, you consent to the disclosure, or if we are permitted, to transfer to an overseas person by law.

Sensitive Information

We collect sensitive information about an individual only with consent of the person or if required or permitted by law.

‘Sensitive information’ is information or an opinion about an individual's:

1. racial or ethnic origin 2. political opinions 3. membership of a political association 4. religious belief or affiliations 5. sexual preferences 6. criminal record 7. membership of a trade union 8. membership of a professional or trade association.

Further information

Please contact VETASSESS for further information about this policy.