Apply or Track Application

Before applying, check your eligibility to apply and ensure you understand the application process. Once you've lodged your application, you can track its progress through the VETASSESS online application portal.

Apply online

By applying online, you will be able to

  • Lodge new applications
  • Track existing applications

Apply by post

We encourage you to apply online as assessments are generally finalised sooner, saving you time. Additionally, applications made via post cannot be tracked. If you do proceed with a postal application, download the list of required documents at the bottom of this page and send your completed application to the following address.

Priority Processing is not available by post.

Skills Recognition - General Occupations
PO Box 2752
Melbourne VIC 3001

For courier delivery only:

Skills Recognition - General Occupations
Level 5, 478 Albert Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002



You have 10 business days from the processing of payment fees for your newly submitted application to request for a change of occupation without incurring an additional fee. Please note Change of occupations is not available for Priority Processing. Change of occupation requests received after these 10 days will incur a Change of Occupation processing fee. For further details about changing an occupation refer to Reviews, Reassessments, Appeals and Reissues.

Please note that change of occupation requests cannot be accepted for Priority Processing applications and you must select the correct occupation when submitting a Priority Processing application.