Complementary Health Therapies Assessment

Am I eligible?

The Complementary Health Therapies Assessment is for you if you require a qualifications assessment to support an application for membership of a professional association. Practitioners generally need to hold full membership with a professional body in order to gain registration with a private health fund. Once the practitioner has gained their professional membership and registration, the practitioner's clients can claim reimbursement from their private health fund.

You should only apply for this assessment if you have been referred to us for a qualifications assessment by either a professional association or the private health fund and you hold a qualification in complementary therapy/therapies (also known as alternative therapies).

What occupations/modalities are covered?

Modalities available for Complementary Health Therapies Assessment include:

  • 411611 - Massage Therapist (including Sport and Remedial Massage Practitioner)
  • 252211 - Acupuncturist
  • 252212 - Homoeopath
  • 252213 - Naturopath
  • 252214 - Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • 252215 - Traditional Maori Health Practitioner
  • 252299 - Complementary Health Therapists nec
  • 451511 - Natural Remedy Consultant
  • 234999 - Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec
  • 452111 - Fitness Instructor
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