Application Process

What does the assessment involve?

The Complementary Health Therapy Assessment provides a statement of the major areas of study and the comparability of the educational level of your overseas qualifications with the Australian Qualifications Framework educational levels.

The assessment of the level of your qualifications is dependent on many factors, including (but not limited to) the status of the institution, underpinning studies, length and mode of study, grades received, and the course's entry requirements. The assessment of a major area of study requires qualifications to have sufficient depth and breadth in a relevant area of study to the modalities selected.

When assessing an overseas qualification we look for recognition of the awarding institute and the accreditation of the program/qualification by the official educational authorities in its country. If we cannot identify the official recognition of a qualification in the respective country, we decline to assess the qualification.

Please note this is not an assessment for migration to Australia purposes. If you require a Skills Assessment for an occupation for which we are the designated assessing body for migration to Australia please refer to Skills Assessment for General Professional Occupations.