Required Documents

There are certain required documents that you must submit with your application if you plan to apply for an Assessment of Qualifications in Complementary Therapy.

Please note:

  • if any required documentation is missing, the processing may be delayed
  • we will contact you for additional documentation, if required
  • Any documents supplied will not be returned.

IMPORTANT: For Complementary Health Therapies Assessments, all identity and qualification documents need to be certified high quality colour copies of original documentation and supplied to VETASSESS.


Download the CHT33 Application form (389KB pdf) for Assessment of Qualifications in Complementary Therapy. Complete the CHT33 Application form and sign it.
One recent passport-sized colour photograph is required. The photograph must be no more than six months old and of good quality (self-taken photographs are not acceptable.
As proof of your identity, we require your passport biopage showing your name, photo and date of birth. If you do not have a passport, you will need to provide your full Birth Certificate.
If applicable, evidence of name change must be provided to address any naming inconsistencies in the documents submitted. This is to support your identity.

The qualification award certificate is the official document confirming the completion of an awarded course of study. If you have not yet received your qualification award certificate, a provisional award certificate issued by the awarding body or an official statement of completion issue by the Registrar's department of the awarding institution will be accepted.

Please read notes about additional requirements for qualifications obtained from specific regions of the world below, to determine if they apply to your circumstances.

Provide us with your complete academic transcript. Transcripts are the official records from the institution outlining the courses / units of study as well as the final grades achieved as part of your academic qualification. If you attended a college affiliated to the awarding institution, the academic transcripts must be issued by the awarding institution authorised to award the qualification.
If you hold any professional licence, please provide evidence for the assessment. The professional licence should show the country of licence, name of licensing board, type of licence, licence number and expiry date.
If you have any forms of professional registration, please provide evidence for the assessment. The evidence must show the country of registration, name of registration board, type of registration, registration number and expiry date.
If your documents are not in English, you must submit copies of the original documents as well as the English translations made by a registered translation service.
Read more about fees & payment on page 13 of the application form or on the Application Fee page.

Additional requirements

Applicants with European qualifications should supply Diploma Supplements for these if available. Generally, these are issued by educational institutions from countries participating in the Bologna Process. A Diploma Supplement will be accepted in lieu of an award certificate and academic transcript if it includes all the necessary information.
A verified copy of the award certificate and full academic transcript must be sent in a sealed envelope from the awarding body to us.
A verified copy of the award certificate and full academic transcript sent directly in a sealed envelope from HEC or the awarding body to us.
If you hold qualifications that have been awarded by educational institutions in China, you will be required to have your qualification documents verified by VETASSESS. Your can read more about the Chinese Qualifications Verification on the Chinese Qualifications Verification page of our website. Please submit your qualification documents as outlined above. If you have completed your Bachelor degree in less than the minimum normal duration of four years full-time study, you must include details for recognition of prior studies and/or experience towards the award of your degree. These qualification documents do not need to be notarised or certified.

Please supply evidence of passing the Professional Regulation Commission's Licensure Examinations if available.