Changes to Assessment fees

On 4 June, 2018 VETASSESS increased the fees for our trade skills assessment services. These increases apply to the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) and the Offshore Skills Assessment Programs.

Application Fees

Please use the cost calculator below to estimate your application fees.

Important notes
  • All fees must be paid in Australian dollars.
  • The Stage 1: Evidence Review fee includes a $300 Government Administration fee.
  • You will be required to complete a Technical interview or a Practical Assessment depending upon your location and occupation. You will be informed of the actual fee for this after your evidence has been reviewed.
Skills Assessment is not available

Sorry, we cannot assess the occupation based on the information you have provided.

What could be done next?

Application fees estimate is not available.

Sorry, we cannot estimate your application based on the information you have provided.

Please contact us for more information about your Skills Assessment.

Estimated application fees
Stage 1 - Training and employment Check
(signed application form and supporting documents must be posted to East Melbourne - Headquarters)
Online application form AUD $.00 - includes $300 Government Administration fee (additional AUD $.00 for manually completed application form)
Stage 2 - Skills Assessment
Technical interview AUD $.00
Practical demonstration AUD $.00
On-shore assessment venue hire AUD $.00 *
Stage 2 - Technical interview AUD $.00

* Surcharge fee prior to scheduling your practical assessment.

You may be required to pay on additional venue surcharge fee for onshore practical skills assessment. VETASSESS will confirm if you are required to pay the venue.

Reassessment (if you have an unsuccessful assessment outcome)
Stage 1 - Training and employment check AUD $.00
Stage 2 - Skills Assessment AUD $.00 AUD $.00
Other fees
Registered Australian Mail
(within Australia)
AUD $5.00
Express Australian Mail
(within Australia)
AUD $11.00
Express post international
(not traceable outside Australia)
AUD $21.00
Express Courier International
(traceable in major cities outside Australia)
Assessment review
(Stage 1 - Training and employment check)
AUD $50.00
Assessment review
(Stage 2 - Skills assessment)
AUD $100.00
Assessment appeal AUD $.00
Reissue of Skills Assessment Outcome Document AUD $.00
Issuing of full qualification
(constructions, electricians or airconditioning and refrigeration mechanics only)
AUD $.00
Reissue of qualification AUD $.00
Non-established venue fee AUD $.00
Return of documents AUD $.00
Scanned copy of Skills Assessment outcome document(s) AUD $.00

You must pay fees before each stage of your Trade Skills Assessment.

Payment can be made online, by mail or in person. Please note: we do not accept cash.


We accept MasterCard or VISA.

By mail

We accept the following payments by mail:
  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA) - pay by credit card by downloading and completing the Credit Card Authority form (172KB pdf) and mailing it to us with your application.
  • Cheque - the cheque must be cleared before the service is provided, and overseas payments must be by bank cheque or bank draft payable at an Australian bank.
  • Australia Post money order.

In person

We accept the following payment methods in person:

  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer point of sale
  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA).

Fees are refundable in limited circumstances. Full details of VETASSESS' refund policy are available here.