Digital badges for Customer Service Managers

Posted on 3/3/2022 by janmc VETASSESS in News

March 2022 – VETASSESS and the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to support Customer Service Managers who bring their skills to Australia.

Customer Service Managers who complete a successful skills assessment with VETASSESS will be awarded a digital badge that they can post to their professional sites to showcase their skills to potential employers.

They will be offered one year’s complimentary membership of CSIA, giving them access to networking and professional development opportunities with the Institute’s members.

VETASSESS and CSIA both celebrate their 25-year anniversaries in 2022. As the professional body for customer service professionals in Australia, the CSIA has endorsed VETASSESS’ assessment criteria for Customer Service Managers and provides advice on assessments.

VETASSESS Executive Director Rob Thomason says: “The role of Customer Service Manager is among the top 10 professional occupation applications that VETASSESS receives from people seeking a skills assessment to migrate to Australia.”

“Customer Service Managers who migrate bring new skills and experiences to the Australian market and joining other professionals at CSIA enables them to gain valuable networking opportunities and insights to the profession here.”

CSIA Executive Director Jeremy Larkins says: “CSIA is excited about this opportunity to extend our partnership with VETASSESS and further recognise the important work they do to assess the credentials and experience of Customer Service Managers seeking to migrate to Australia. We are delighted to be supporting these people as they enter the Australia by providing access to knowledge and connections through CSIA membership.”

For further information contact the VETASSESS communications team on +61 3 9655 4801, email:


VETASSESS is the leading assessment authority in Australia for skilled migration assessments and actively works with industry bodies to ensure that its skilled migration assessments continue to meet industry needs.

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