Trade Papers – recognising qualifications in trade occupations

Posted on 8/7/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in News

August 2020 - VETASSESS is pleased to announce our renewed agreement with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) for the issuance of Trade Papers to Victorian tradespeople.

A Trade Paper is a commemorative certificate awarded by the VRQA to those who successfully complete their formal training through an apprenticeship. It signals to employers that this person has acquired the occupational skills they need and can apply them on the job.

The Victorian Government reintroduced Trade Papers in 2019.

All trade qualifications completed under an apprenticeship are eligible for a Trade Paper, including Automotive Mechanic, Electrician, Carpenter, Engineer, Chef, Hairdresser, Plumber, Aircraft Mechanic Landscaper and many more.

VETASSESS Executive Director Rob Thomason says Trade Papers assist employers by stating the exact occupation that corresponds with a trade qualification.

“Job candidates can present a qualification certificate from their training institute, but employers can find it difficult to assess a candidate’s skills from the many courses and qualifications available,” he said. “For example, someone who studied mechanical engineering might qualify as a fitter and turner, but not as a machinist.”

You can apply for a Trade Paper if you completed both:

  • a recognised apprenticeship in Victoria, which you started after 1 January 1995
  • the apprenticeship's relevant qualification with a TAFE, trade school or registered training organisation.

It is a simple process to apply and applications for Trade Papers for apprenticeships completed after 1998 are free. You can apply by going online to the VRQA link below and answering a few identifying questions and uploading any required evidence.

VETASSESS administers the Trade Paper portal and can quickly confirm if an individual is eligible for their Trade Paper.

Successful applicants will receive a commemorative certificate on parchment.

To apply for a Trade Paper, visit the VRQA Trade Paper site.

For more information, contact: Prashil Singh at

About the VRQA:

The VRQA is Victoria's education and training regulator. It is an independent statutory authority that works to assure the quality of education and training in Victoria. It applies standards to education and training providers and accredits courses and qualifications.  It registers apprentices and trainees, approves their employers and assures all parties meet their contractual obligations.


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