Posted on 7/8/2020 by Tharaka Perera Perera in Blog

By Prashil Singh

July 2020 - There is high demand for skilled tradespeople in Australia and governments are seeking to encourage young people to learn a trade and to support the industries that will employ them.

The Victorian Government reintroduced Trade Papers in 2019 and apprentices in 137 occupations can apply for a Trade Paper on completion of their qualification.

The diverse range of industries that use Trade Papers include automotive, electrical, construction, engineering, health, aviation, cookery, hospitality, and hairdressing.

What is a Trade Paper?

A Trade Paper is formal recognition that an individual has successfully completed their training through an apprenticeship and is qualified for their occupation.

Job candidates can present a prospective employer with their qualification certificate from their training institute, but employers reported they found it difficult to assess a candidate’s skills from the many courses and qualifications available. VETASSESS’ engagement for the Victorian Trade Papers project involved consulting with Industry Advisory Groups on mapping qualifications to occupational titles.

It is a relatively simple process to apply for a Trade Paper and there is no cost to the individual. They apply online to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), answering a few identifying questions and uploading evidence as required.

The Paper itself is a commemorative certificate on parchment which they can take to a prospective employer.

VETASSESS administers the portal for the papers to be issued and we can quickly check that an individual is eligible for their Trade Pape

It is a straightforward solution that supports apprentices and addresses government policy and an industry need.

More information on Trade Papers is available here

Prashil Singh s the Manager Partnership and Stakeholder Relations at VETASSESS, responsible for providing leadership on stakeholder relations, marketing, customer acquisition, commercial development, and international operations.

VETASSESS is Australia’s leading provider of skills assessment services for migration and employment purposes and assesses skills across more than 360 general professional and 28 trade occupations against Australian standards.