Required Documents

Which documents will I need to submit?

In this section, you will find a list of documents required to submit your application.

All identification and qualification documents must be high quality colour scans of the originals. These documents must also be certified as true copies by an authorised person in your country of residence. If your documents are not in English, you must submit certified copies of the original as well as the English translations made by a registered translation service.

Please note:

  • if any required documentation is missing, the processing may be delayed 
  • we will contact you for additional documentation, if necessary
  • any documents supplied will not be returned
  • forged, altered or falsified documents will not be assessed and no refund will be provided.


Pay the correct fee at the time of submitting your application. Refer to Application Fee for Application Pricing List. Application fees include GST if you (the applicant) is an Australian resident for tax purposes. Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website for information regarding tax residency.
  • Passport page showing your name, photo and date of birth – certified copy
  • Change of name evidence (if applicable) – certified copy 
  • One recent passport size photograph
For each qualification that you provide for assessment:

  • Certified copy of your qualification award certificate in the original language
  • Certified copy of your full academic transcript showing subjects studied and marks/grades awarded in the original language

If you are applying for assessment against PACFA Training Standards (2018), you must also provide the following:

  • Copy of the course handbook/syllabus or other document that describes each unit of study for which academic credit has been allowed
  • Completed verification form for supervised practice.

Note: Additional requirements apply for qualifications obtained from the following regions and countries: Europe, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, and the People’s Republic of China.

Additional requirements

Applicants with European qualifications should supply Diploma Supplements if available. Generally, these are only issued by educational institutions from countries participating in the Bologna Process. A Diploma Supplement can be accepted in lieu of an award certificate and transcript.
A verified copy of the award certificate and full academic transcript must be sent in a sealed envelope from the awarding body directly to VETASSESS.
A copy of the award certificate and full academic transcript attested by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan must be provided.
Please supply evidence of passing the Professional Regulation Commission's Licensure Examinations if available.
Most qualifications awarded by University Colleges and Institutes in Lebanon require evidence of approval by the Equivalence Committee of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Please supply this evidence confirming equivalency to a qualification awarded by a Lebanese university.
Qualifications that have been awarded by educational institutions in China must be verified by the Qualification Verification service at VETASSESS. You can read more about the Chinese Qualifications Verification process at
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