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Document Checking Service

Use our Document Checking Service to understand the documents you will need to provide with your Skills Assessment application.

Check you have the right documents before you apply.

Ensuring your documentation is in order when you lodge your Skills Assessment means your application has a better chance of success and you will avoid delays. We check that you have provided enough documentation for us to complete your skills assessment. We will give you step-by-step guidance about your documents in a phone conversation, and then provide a written summary.

The Document Checking Service offers an opportunity to discuss assessment documentation requirements with a VETASSESS Administrative Officer. The service focuses on the type and number of mandatory documents required to support a future skills assessment application, rather than the relevance of your qualifications and employment experience to the requirements of a specific occupation. This service does not replace a Skills Assessment and it's important to know that we don't check the content of your documents. You can ask us about the type of documents you need and if you have enough of them.

Check you have the right documents before you apply.

What are the steps involved?



Register online providing contact details.



Upload the documents you wish to submit for review. Complete an online form listing your academic qualifications and relevant employment history for the last five years pertaining to the selected occupation.



Choose the most suitable appointment date and time.



Pay online to confirm your booking. Please note no additional or supplementary documents will be considered for review after lodgement.



Participate in your appointment.



At the completion of the service, you will be able to download a list of the documentation required and points discussed.


Required fee scheduleFee (applicant within Australia)Fee (applicant outside Australia)
Document Checking Service $177.10$161.00


You are able to reschedule your consultation time by contacting us at least four business days prior to your original scheduled booking time. In order to request a reschedule of your initial consultation, email us to Whilst we will attempt to accommodate a request to reschedule a booking, rescheduling will be based on availability of alternative booking times and will be confirmed by the Skills Assessment Support Officer allocated to your session.

Refunds are available in very limited circumstances. Our refund policy is available here.

We will telephone you on your nominated contact phone number provided on your booking. An SAS officer will attempt to establish contact with you up until the first 10 minutes of your booking time. If you are still unreachable after that point, or cannot take the call, we will cancel your booking and you will forfeit the entire booking fee.

No. There is no requirement to use either of the Skills Assessment Support services before applying for a formal Skills Assessment. Information is available on our website about the requirements for Skills Assessments.

This will depend on the available booking you select. It is an expectation that the earliest booking date available should fall within 10 -12 business days from the date of confirmation.

You can only select one occupation per booking for the document checking service.

You do not need to upload any documents at all for the Document Checking Service. Instead you can opt for a guided discussion with a SAS officer regarding the types of documents required and how to apply for a skills assessment through VETASSESS. Please note, once payment is made, you will be unable to upload any additional documentation for review for the document checking service.

No discount applies to Skills Assessment applications lodged to VETASSESS. No discount or credit notes apply to any subsequent services provided by VETASSESS.

To view the VETASSESS Privacy Statement, please review the privacy policy here

If you would like to provide any feedback or to lodge a complaint about the SAS Document Checking Service you can visit the Feedback and Complaints form on our website by accessing this link.

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