Application Process

VETASSESS full skills assessment involves assessing your qualifications and employment against the suitability of your nominated occupation. Qualification assessment involves assessing the educational level comparability of your qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and determining relevance of your qualifications for your nominated occupation. Employment assessment involves determining whether your work experience (obtained either in Australia or overseas) is at an appropriate skill level and relevant to your nominated occupation. 

A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a successful skills assessment for migration purposes.

Skilled Occupations Lists

Occupations may be removed from either the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) at any time and without notice by the Australian Government. You are responsible for ensuring that your proposed occupation is eligible at the date you submit your application to VETASSESS. Should your application be affected by the removal of an occupation from either of these lists please be advised that VETASSESS will continue with the assessment for suitability against your selected occupation.

Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

Work experience is not required for a Qualifications-only assessment to support a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa. You will need to hold a qualification which is at the required educational level, in a highly relevant field of study to the nominated occupation. Find out more about the required educational level by searching for your occupation.

After receiving sufficient work experience in their nominated occupation, subclass 485 visa holders can apply to VETASSESS for a Skills Assessment (qualifications and employment) to support an application to migrate permanently to Australia. If the nominated occupation is the same as for the 485 visa purpose, you will need to submit the SRG29 Post-485 form found with other downloadable forms in the Apply or Track Application section. VETASSESS will only need to assess evidence of your relevant employment to complete the assessment. However, you may also choose to change your nominated occupation for the purpose of the VETASSESS Skills Assessment application. This will require you to lodge a new application online and VETASSESS will need to assess evidence of both your qualifications and employment to complete the assessment.

Follow these steps to lodge a skills assessment application

The application process for Skills Assessment of General Professional Occupations consists of the following steps:

Step 1
Choose an occupation against which you wish to be assessed and select the visa purpose for which the skills assessment is required. For information on the occupations available for migration to Australia and different visa categories please refer to 
Step 2
For information on the ANZSCO description of your chosen occupation, log on to and enter the ANZSCO code for your selected occupation.
Step 3
If VETASSESS is the designated assessing authority for your chosen occupation, please refer to Nominate an Occupation for detailed information on VETASSESS assessment criteria for your chosen occupation. In summary, the VETASSESS Skills Assessment considers the relevance of qualifications, and employment to the nominated occupation. The qualification/s assessment assesses the general educational level of the qualification in Australian terms and the relevance of the major area of study. Only a qualification/s assessment is required for 485 visa purposes. An assessment of both qualification/s and employment is required for permanent residency purposes.
Step 4
Step 5
Click on Apply or Track Application and complete the online application form. When you apply online, please upload high quality colour scans of the required documents. PLEASE NOTE - If you want to have your application processed under Priority Processing you need to select this option on your application when submitting. 
Step 6
Your application will be allocated to an assessment officer and if there are additional documents required you will be notified online.
Step 7
Once your skills assessment application is complete, you will be able to view and download your skills assessment outcome letter from the online portal. A hard copy of the outcome letter will not be posted to you, unless otherwise indicated in the postage payment section of your application.


For all full Skills Assessments including post-485 applications and reassessment - change of occupation applications received:

  • The approximate time is 8 -10 weeks once we have received all documents required for the assessment. Applications confirmed as eligible for Priority Processing are assessed in 10 business days following which an assessment outcome letter is made available to download within 48 hours. 

Qualifications Assessment for Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485):

  • The approximate time is 3 to 5 working weeks once all documents required for assessment have been received by VETASSESS.

For Points Test Applications only (applicants for VETASSESS occupations):

  • The approximate time is 4 to 6 weeks.

For Points Test Applications (applicants for non-VETASSESS occupations):

  • The approximate time is 3 to 5 weeks.

For Reassessment - Skills Assessment Outcome Review and Appeal applications:

  • The approximate time is 11-12  weeks.

Please note that if you are also required to apply for verification of your Chinese education qualifications through VETASSESS, please allow an additional 8 to 10 weeks.

Some cases take longer depending on the complexity of the case. As each case is different, the different time frames mentioned above can vary depending on the type of case and the investigations that might be required.

VETASSESS issues a qualification only assessment to support a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) application. For all other visa types, VETASSESS skills assessments involve consideration of both qualification and employment. Work experience is essential.  

VETASSESS Skills Assessment applications require an assessment of both qualifications and employment against the criteria for your nominated occupation. Highly relevant employment cannot compensate for lack of qualification at the required educational level for the nominated occupation.

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