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Café or Restaurant Manager

Café or Restaurant Manager
ANZSCO Code: 141111 / Group C

A Café or Restaurant Manager organises and controls the operations of a café, restaurant or related establishment to provide dining and catering services.

Occupation description

A Café or Restaurant Manager organises and controls the operations of a café, restaurant or related establishment to provide dining and catering services.

Occupations considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Restaurateur
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Bistro Manager
  • Caterer

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Hotel or Motel Manager
  • Retail Manager (General)
  • Food and Beverage Attendants or Supervisors
  • Floor Supervisor
  • Event Manager
  • Venue Manager

These occupations are classified elsewhere in ANZSCO or are not at the required skill level.

Café or Restaurant Manager is a VETASSESS Group C occupation

This occupation requires a qualification assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or higher.

Applicants must have fulfilled at least one of the following four criteria (1–4):

Group C

* Additional qualifications in a highly relevant field of study include those comparable to the following levels:

  • AQF Diploma
  • AQF Advanced Diploma
  • AQF Associate Degree or
  • AQF Graduate Diploma

** Highly relevant paid employment duration (20 hours or more per week)


minimum years of employment highly relevant to the nominated occupation, completed at an appropriate skill level in the five years before the date of application for a Skills Assessment.


minimum 4 years of relevant employment required – three years of relevant employment (can be outside the last 5-year period) in addition to at least one year of highly relevant employment within the last five years before applying.

*If employment is prior to the completion of the qualification at the required level, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level within the last five years. The remaining three years of pre-qualifying period may be within the last ten years.

A positive assessment of both qualification level and employment duration is required for a positive Skills Assessment outcome.

Qualification and Employment Criteria

AQF Diploma or higher qualification*

Qualifications in general Management studies (such as an MBA) and Tourism without Hospitality Management subjects cannot be considered.

Qualifications in Commercial Cookery may not be accepted if they focus on cooking skills only rather than Hospitality Management.

*This includes qualifications assessed at AQF Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level.

Highly relevant major fields of study include :

  • Hospitality Management
  • Food and Beverage Services


Highly relevant tasks include:

  • Planning menus in consultation with Chefs and kitchen staff.
  • Planning and organising special functions or promotional activities.
  • Arranging the purchasing and pricing of goods according to budget.
  • Maintaining records of stock levels and financial transactions.
  • Ensuring dining facilities comply with health regulations and are clean, functional and of suitable appearance.
  • Conferring with customers to assess their satisfaction with meals and service.
  • Selecting, training and supervising waiting and kitchen staff.
  • May take reservations, greet guests and assist in taking orders.
  • Managing staff performance including targets for sales and expenditure.
  • Managing rostering and scheduling of restaurant/café staff.

Employment information

An acceptable café or restaurant setting would be one that provides food and beverage services prepared and consumed on the premises. Customers can expect that food is typically prepared on the premises under the supervision of a Chef and table service is provided. A diversity of dishes across a menu is generally provided by the café or restaurant.

Categories of acceptable restaurants include (but are not limited to):

  • family style restaurants serving moderately priced food with fixed or à la carte menus. Table service is usually provided.
  • casual dining restaurants serving moderately priced food in a casual atmosphere. These establishments typically offer table service or buffet-style dining.
  • fine dining restaurants which are full-service establishments with menus that generally feature high quality ingredients with elaborate preparation.

In order to be considered as a Café or Restaurant Manager, the position must be responsible for every aspect of the café or restaurant’s performance, including the management of all employees and their occupational development, oversight of establishment operations, management of sales and profit targets, and participation in business planning.

Fast food or quick service restaurants are not an acceptable context and applicants working in a managerial capacity in such establishments may be better suited to ANZSCO 142111 Retail Manager (General). The food preparation work carried out in a fast food outlet would generally require the skills of a Fast Food Cook, rather than a Chef.

Similarly, takeaway food service outlets are mainly engaged in providing food services ready to be taken away for immediate consumption. Customers order or select items and pay before eating. Items are usually provided in takeaway containers or other packaging. Food is consumed on the premises in limited seating facilities, taken away by the customer or home delivered. Food production may not occur on the premises.

Supporting material for assessment

Applicants nominating this managerial occupation must submit an organisational chart. An organisational chart should include the company letterhead, the applicant’s job position and those of their superiors and subordinates as well as all positions reporting to their immediate supervisor and to the applicant’s direct subordinates.

If an applicant is unable to obtain an organisational chart from their employer, they must provide a statutory declaration outlining the required information and the reasons why this information cannot be provided.

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