Answers by experts: Evidence for a VETASSESS skills assessment

Posted on 6/10/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in Blog

June 2022 – The disruption of the pandemic years has made it harder for many applicants to gather documents for a VETASSESS skills assessment for migration purposes.

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New certificate for baker and pastrycook

Posted on 5/27/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

May 2022 –From June 1, all successful applicants under the occupations of Baker and Pastrycook who apply for a Pathway 1 skills assessment for migration purposes will receive a new Certificate III qualification.

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Skills assessments for horticulture migrant workers

Posted on 5/18/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

May 2022 – VETASSESS is conducting assessments of horticultural workers’ skills under the Australian Government’s Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement (HILA) program.

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VETASSESS resumes practical skills assessments for trades

Posted on 5/3/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

May 2022 - VETASSESS plans to resume offshore practical skills assessments for applicants in licensed trade occupations in May 2022.

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6 Answers by Experts – April 2022

Posted on 4/26/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in Blog

Applicants for a skills assessment for migration often have questions about the employment evidence they should supply. In this blog, our experts answer some of the most frequent questions that we receive via webinars, social media and emails.

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April 2022 - Micro-credentials, digital badges and recognition of prior learning.

Posted on 4/20/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in Bulletin

Welcome from
Executive Director, Rob Thomason

This year marks VETASSESS’ 25th anniversary. We began in 1997 with five staff and contracts with Victorian and Federal Government agencies to conduct testing and exams.

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Skills Assessments for permanent visa holders

Posted on 4/11/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

April 2022 - VETASSESS is offering a free and fast-tracked skills assessment for permanent visa holders in some priority occupations under the Australian Government’s Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants Incentive.

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Skills assessment tips for Cafe and Restaurant Managers

Posted on 4/6/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in Blog

April 2022 - Australians love eating out and we have a lively and diverse café and restaurant industry, where qualified and experienced staff are in high demand.

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AMI and VETASSESS launch micro-credentials for marketers

Posted on 3/16/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

March 2022 - The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has introduced a new range of industry based micro-credentials, in partnership with VETASSESS.

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A new path for electricians with foreign qualifications to work in Victoria

Posted on 3/7/2022 by tharakap VETASSESS in News

March 2022 - Migrants who have gained an electrical qualification in their home country can now earn an Australian qualification that will help them gain a licence to work as an electrician in Victoria.

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