Trade Occupations

Skills Assessment for trade occupations

A Trade Skills Assessment is an important part of the process when migrating to Australia. The assessment determines if you have the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation in Australia.

At VETASSESS, we assess 25 trade occupations. This includes occupations such as an electrician, welder, plumber, carpenter, cook or motor mechanic.

Before you apply:

1. Check that you are eligible to apply for a Trade Skills Assessment with VETASSESS.
2. Review the application process. 
3. Read the Fact Sheet for your occupation to see the skills and knowledge you need to demonstrate in your assessment.
4. Read the Evidence Guide to see the types of evidence you can provide. 
5. Read the Practical Assessment and Technical Interview guides to understand how you will be assessed. 
6. Check how much an assessment costs.

Information about each of the above steps is provided on the following pages.